Big Case Marketing Conversion

Learn to sell with confidence and find the patients
who need your services with big case marketing conversion tips.

You may be spending thousands every month on advertising with mediocre or okay results. Our proven selling system offers an ethical, step-by-step process to close larger cases while improving your advertising returns. Join the long list of dentist graduates who have gained better control of their practices, increased their level of satisfaction, and truly made a difference in the lives of their patients.

This unique, step-by-step approach to selling big cases will increase your profits while increasing the number of big cases you want to treat. Whether you are a generalist or a specialist, I know that money isn’t your only motivation. But the opportunity to make more money while attracting more of the kind of cases you really want, while reducing your workload, are all positives. I know, because I’ve been there!

Here’s what you get

The McAnally Selling System™ is delivered online in six monthly sessions. It includes:
Video training by Dr. McAnally – You’ll receive multiple, intensive video trainings in which Dr. McAnally steps through his proven selling system teaching you and your team the McAnally Selling System Check-List and dental marketing strategies. Videos are 1 hour to 1½ hours long and delivered online.
Teleconferences with Dr. McAnally and Coach Amber – Plan to participate in up to two monthly teleconferences with Dr. McAnally and Coach Amber. These teleconferences are dedicated solely to answering any questions you and other program participants may have. You may attend the live or recorded calls.
The McAnally Selling System Checklist, System Phone Slip, and so much more – To sell effectively, you need training and a robust toolkit. The McAnally Selling System™ provides many dental marketing tips and tools, including the proven McAnally Selling System Check-list and front office Phone Selling System, worksheets, tools to capture leads, tracking monitors, template documents, and much more!
My system is perfect for your financial coordinator, your front office team, and YOU – the doctor. It’s important to note that you and your staff can implement The McAnally Selling System™ from your office or home – and as your schedule allows. There is no travel required and no time lost from your practice. In fact, some practices completely delegate all selling to their team, although this is not ideal from a persuasion science standpoint since YOU are the expert in your practice.
There simply is no risk. In the first 6 months, if you sell ONE major treatment plan of any kind, you have covered the investment in The McAnally Selling System™. In fact, many highly trained generalists with niche skills, orthodontists, oral surgeons, prosthodontists and periodontists discover that ANY changes they make to improve their selling process immediately reap results. Right now, you are leaving money on the table every month and helping fewer patients.
In fact, thousands of dentists who have used my program report that they get:

  • more control over their schedule
  • more satisfying work, because they focus on the types of cases they enjoy
  • greater satisfaction for their patients
  • a happier staff/team
  • a significant boost to their bottom line
  • better clinical results
  • less hassle
  • more self-confidence for the doctor