What is Wrap-a-Round Sales Service?

As part of Big Case Marketing’s, global, first in the industry, Remote Sales Team™, we offer a full, end-to-end, Wrap-a-Round Sales Service™ where a highly specialized, trained Remote Phone Closer™ sales specialist is provided to every new advertising client with their advertising management and sales service package and we will also provide the ultimate sales specialist via a Remote Case Closer™ for practices aiming at high arch count per month volumes.

This fully Remote Sales Team™ handling your Wrap-a-Round Sales Servivce™ is a trust first in the industry amongst all dental advertising agencies in existence.

Wrap-a-Round Sales Service™ means:

Wrap-a-Round Sales Service™ means you get effective implant advertising campaigns on the front end with consumers (patients) to bring case inquires. It means on the practice, private, back end we perform every aspect of sales from answering the phone calls to getting the checks written at case closings. We’ll even work with your patients to get them through up to five recommended 3rd party financing options.

Welcome to the 2 + 10 + 2 Case Presentation™ for All-on-4 / All-on-X Case via the Remote Sales Team™

With this level of service, minimal time is needed “presenting” the case or options. You as the doctor only need to really focus on their diagnostic skills, have a lead assistant with a nice personality to help work up the case and to provide items needed to our Remote Sales Team™.

Lastly, you will only need to follow our simple 8th grade level scripting of two sentences before you present your treatment options, deliver a 10 minute case presentation, and then finish with two sentences after your short presentation. We’ll teach you the exact scripting which is at the 8th grade level so that every patient can understand it. Following your closing two sentences, your Remote Case Closer™ will move on to closer the case and your assistant will be with the patient to sign paperwork.

As long as you are passionate about dental implants, personable (patients like you), can deliver a predictable case result, have positive Google reviews, conduct your procedures in a mostly painless manner, and are willing to follow our exact instructions with the clinical treatment discussion (in 8th grade language), you can remove the hassle, headache, and challenge of building and maintaining a high performing in-house sales team and ‘leave the selling’ to your external professional team.

What is the Remote Sales Team™ Comprised of?

Our Remote Sales Team™ handling Wrap-a-Round Sales Service™ consists of a Remote Phone Closer™ and a Remote Case Closer™.

The Remote Phone Closer™ handles all front end leads, screening and booking of qualified prospects into the consult schedule, and performs ongoing lead follow-up on unconverted leads that have not schedule a consult.

The Remote Case Closer™ handles all steps of sales process once the patient is schedule to come to the practice for a consult. This means they are involved with consults, diagnosis visits, and are Zooming In-for-Sales at the case presentation with the doctor, assistant, patient, and the patient’s financial support person.

There is a seamless hand-off from Remote Phone Closer™ to Remote Case Closer™ to you and your assistant in the practice. Once the patient is coming to the consult, your Remote Sales Closer will bet right there with you as the patient goes through diagnosis, treatment planning, and presentation.

To have a 1:1 private discussion about advertising services with Wrap-a-Round Sales Service™ go HERE.

Components of
Dr. McAnally’s Big Case System

The entire process of getting a least 8-10 full arch implant cases into practices monthly is the Big Case System. It has two main parts: The Full-Arch Implant Advertising Program gets people to call and speak to our sales team for pre-qualifying and consult booking.

 The second part is the Sales Training and Sales Process System; comprehensive training and coaching about what you and your staff say and do in order to turn advertising leads into patients and cases.  

Together, they are responsible for sending hundreds of full-arch implant cases to our members yearly. These cases represent millions in full-arch implant case sales plus additional ancillary services beyond simply implant services.

About Dr. James McAnally
My clinical background is more than 19 years at chair-side treatment and I continue to hold an active clinical license. I hold a fellowships in the AGD, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and am a Diplomate at the Misch International Implant Institute, member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, as well as Pierre Fauchard Academy.