Remote Phone Closer™

Every new full arch advertising client at Big Case Marketing has a high level, professional trained Remote Phone Closer™ sales expert assigned to their practice. The Remote Phone Closer™ handles all in-bound prospect calls from All-on-4 / All-on-X dental implant advertising, screens, qualifies and books consults into your consult blocks, and handles ongoing lead follow-up on un-converted leads and un-converted treatment plans from months and even years past.

Implant advertising for All-on-4 / All-on-X always generates the current month’s prospect group and case-flow. With time, as advertising continues it results in hundreds and even thousands of leads from previous months (years) that need attention. Practices routinely fail miserably at long term lead nurturing and follow-up which means hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in returns because they don’t have the time to perform medium and long-term lead follow-up. With your Remote Phone Closer™, unconverted leads finally get the attention they deserve for additional returns from the ad dollars you spend.

Professional Remote Phone Closer™ vs a Dental Receptionist

Think about the busy-ness factors of your front office staff charged with a litany of tasks as patients come and go each day you are in the office. Are they bored and staring at the wall with nothing to do? Or are they calling an insurance company to verify a benefit or fight over a claim, answering a super basic call, dealing with a vendor or lab, taking payments from someone at the desk, rescheduling patients, chasing hygiene recall appointments, running to some distant part of the office because someone needs something, or being called to do something (charting, etc.), or they are out on a break or at lunch.

Now ask yourself the following. In the midst of all those important but non-sales related tasks, how realistic is it for you to push ultra-high value prospects costing you hundreds of dollars per phone call to them and expect your staff person (who is likely very nice and loyal) to suddenly jump to attention, put everything else in front of them on hold, and instantly become a world class expert at selling to a skeptical prospect on why they should trust you and then spending whatever time is needed (even if it takes 30 minutes) to build trust, rapport, and liking to get them booked and on towards treatment discussions?

Training also Isn’t the Problem or the Solution

What about your front line staff and their level of training as a sales professional? Were they already routinely selling $50,000 products or services before they started working for you?

Existing staff were rarely hired with sales backgrounds. They also rarely have the time, desire, or fundamental skill sets for what you are asking them to do with high value prospects by phone. In fact, even the most long-term dental team members that know all the minutia related to treatment rarely move past ‘minimally acceptable” proficiency in front end phone sales work even with years of professional help. In fact, the minutia these folks know (which doctors falsely believe is a benefit) is counter-productive to sales. Furthermore, most practices do not have a sales management structure to oversee these staff charged with performing high value sales tasks. As a result, thousands of dollars are lost from advertising invested and advertising returns are diminished when a receptionist is suddenly tasked and then left in charge of this critical sales conversion step.

What about a Cheap Call Center in India or Malaysia?

If you happen to use an external generic call center (even if it’s abroad and the workers have very heavy accents), there is value here for using that service with the most basic calls. “I got your postcard for a $29 cleaning, etc.” ‘Basic Betty or Bob’ (not really their names) working in that call center can service that call if they have a script they follow. That patient is often times coming for a free or very low-cost service so the skill set for ‘Basic Betty and Bob’ doesn’t need to be anything but basic with reading a script. They certainly don’t’ need to be anywhere near the pro level with good active listening skills to build trust and report or to be able to convince a stranger who needs $50,000 in implant treatment WHY to trust you versus someone else they’ve just called. If your generic call center is working for your basic advertising offers, keep it going!

Up to 62% (or more) of Advertising Calls from Your Advertising will Dead-End if Your Team Takes those Calls!

Now, let’s get back to what happens on the ground when an in-house team member is charged with handling your ultra-high value inbound prospect calls. We are a believer in tracking numbers that matter. Our objective data from tens of thousands of in-bound prospect patient phone calls coming to in-house teams shows the following dismal statistic.

When internal local staff, even those with hours, months, and years of training and stern directives about performance levels needed from their managers and the doctor, are tasked to be ‘phone closer’ experts, on average 62% of the advertising phone calls coming at those team members ‘dead-end’ because either the call was not answered or returned, or it hit voice mail (at which most patients hung-up) and the patient then called someone else, or if they did pick the call up live (hooray!) they didn’t have time or mental focus at the specific minute in the day (or the skill) to book a consult effectively. That means up to 62% of those ad dollars went POOF!

Now, as this number is an average across hundreds of implant advertisers, we have seen this number go up to 96% for some practices but we have never seen this number go below 37!

These are also not random ‘Joe’ dental offices but those investing thousands and thousands for full arch implant advertising. These are staff with basic phone training and in theory are ‘motivated’ because the doctor says they need to be!

It’s not that even in these practices investing in advertising that the staff don’t want to do a good job, it’s that they simply have no bandwidth left from their normal work routines to suddenly insert a high operational skill and furthermore this skillset was almost never what they were hired for originally. In essence, we are taking someone who was hired to do admin work and trying to convert them into someone skilled at managing relationships in order to gain compliance (getting to yes for a consult!).

Here’s what Happens with a Remote Phone Closer goes to Work for Your Practice with Our Advertising

When a Remote Phone Closer™ handles your valuable in-bound prospect calls, those calls arrive to someone who is focusing on only a limited number of defined specialty sales tasks – lead conversions, lead nurturing, and lead follow-up – and as a result the live answer rate skyrockets to 75%+ and they have time and focus to speak to each patient in an un-rushed manner and to build a relationship for your practice before the patient even meets you.

The Remote Phone Closer™ is working a full 40 hours per week servicing phone calls from effective All-on-4 / All-on-X implant advertising for a small group of practices, answering 75% of calls live without letting them go to voice-mail (compared to the average of 62% of calls dead-ending even with training) and is qualifying and nurturing prospects to get them to their consult appointments and to build your credibility from the beginning of the patient’s first interaction with your business.

The Remote Phone Closer™ is answering your inbound prospect calls in a relaxed and calm manner as if that was the only customer they needed to focus on talking to for creating a critical first impression for your services.

The Remote Phone Closer™ interviews, screens, qualifies financially, educates the patient on financing options as well as treatment options, discovers exactly what the patient wants treatment wise, discovers the underlying patient motivations for treatment, and then appoints these screened patients into your schedule for their consultation via remote log-in. Imagine them having this discussion forup to 30 minutes or longer if that’s what’s required to get all these details. Now imagine all those details being entered into your patient digital record in Dentrix, Eaglesoft, etc. so that these notes are on hand for your meet & greet free consult with your patient.

The Remote Phone Closer™ is also trained specifically in the skills needed to determine just how ready the patient is for the in-office clinical steps, and when appropriate, move those patients who are ready based on their high-level screening conversation into a paid diagnostic step versus a free consult. This super advanced skill is predictable with the active listening skills taught and with the time available for discussion.

The Remote Phone Closer™ builds rapport and liking and credibility for your skills even before the patient has met you. If a practice is using the Remote Phone Closer™ without Wrap-a-Round Sales Service™ the Remote Phone Closer™ will work with your in-house treatment coordinator so that the patient’s spouse, significant other, or other financial support person is guaranteed to attend your case presentation which is truly and essential part of the in person sales process. Additionally, as part of your service package, you and your treatment coordinator (in-house closer) will attend our one-day intensive sales course taught by a top producer, with a personal history of closing $34,000,000 in full arch implant cases, and who trains and coaches our Remote Sales Team™.

Knowing this level of sales support is available, why would you ‘hope for the best’ with staff who are already too busy and can’t provide the same attention to your prospects the way our professionally trained and dedicated team will?!?

To discuss full arch implant case advertising services that always includes a Remote Phone Closer™ and to review the lengthy duties list of this sales pro that will be assigned to your practice go HERE.

Components of
Dr. McAnally’s Big Case System

The entire process of getting a least 8-10 full arch implant cases into practices monthly is the Big Case System. It has two main parts: The Full-Arch Implant Advertising Program gets people to call and speak to our sales team for pre-qualifying and consult booking.

 The second part is the Sales Training and Sales Process System; comprehensive training and coaching about what you and your staff say and do in order to turn advertising leads into patients and cases.  

Together, they are responsible for sending hundreds of full-arch implant cases to our members yearly. These cases represent millions in full-arch implant case sales plus additional ancillary services beyond simply implant services.

About Dr. James McAnally
My clinical background is more than 19 years at chair-side treatment and I continue to hold an active clinical license. I hold a fellowships in the AGD, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and am a Diplomate at the Misch International Implant Institute, member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, as well as Pierre Fauchard Academy.