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Why is Sales the ‘X-factor’ for Full Arch Implant Case Advertising Success?

Why is sales so important, literally the ‘x-factor,’ when it comes to full arch dental implant advertising such as All-on-4 and All-on-X treatment (something millions of patients could benefit from)?

Figure 1 graphically reveals why sales is a major factor in the success or failure for every practice pursuing All-on-4 / All-on-X cases via specialty All-on-4 dental implant advertising or All-on-X dental implant advertising.

Great advertisements, like those in our Google campaigns or TV commercials (backed by 12 years of national Google data across the US and 17 years of traditional media—the longest in the entire advertising industry), easily and predictably provide the first critical 1/3 of success to get an abundance of prospects to enter sales conversations with members of the sales team.

One-third of success is then 100% driven by phone call sales process and the abilities of phone staff to sell you and your practice as being unique to strangers.

Finally, one-third is driven by the sales process that starts once the patient walks into the front door to meet you for a consult in the exam room and will end at the case presentation or ‘closing.’

Dentists are Terribly Confused about What Advertisements Can’t Do for Them (or their Competitors)

No advertisement, even our best control ads, can sell a single patient to decide to drive to your office. No ad can sell a patient on writing you a $50,000 check just because they Google’d a relevant phrase that put them in the category of likely needing full arch dental implants, or because they saw a Television commercial created and placed by us about you, or from one of our control newsprint ads for All-on-4 / All-on-X that called attention to the modern miracle of dental implants plus your specific practice name.

Ads can’t do any sales task, nor can ads create sales automatically for any of your competitors which is great news. This means that in this respect, sales will make or break ALL ads, and every practice is equal. How practices address the sales ‘x-factor’ is what separates those from building exceptional implant practices (or national chains of implant centers) from those that muddle along doing a case here and there or dropping out completely from the dream of treating these cases or the personal dream of having an implant practice. Literally, he who conquers the 2/3 of the equation related to sales (the ‘x-factor’) wins the day!

Sales for Full Arch Implants is Critical because of the Dollars Involved!

Sales especially once the out-of-pocket costs move past $7,000-$10,000 becomes a pro only endeavor. Those with pro level sales skills and processes do the majority of the cases from advertising while the rest (even many investing five figures in ads) are frustrated and blame their woes on advertising falsely believing that they just need to find that one secret, special ad that does the selling for them.

Few practices have the skillsets involved in professional selling and even fewer who are already busy with other services and with a successful regular practice have the time (or desire) to acquire these skillsets. As such, it’s no surprise when you ask for practice closing rates in discussions about dental implant advertising that the typical implant practice attempting to sell All-on-4 / All-on-X cases averaging $45,000 per patient, will reveal that their closing rates are as low as 5% and as ‘high’ as 33%.

With these closing rates, it’s even less of a surprise that the advertising turnover in this clinical niche at the agency level is high. Sales factors, out of control of the agency, are all at work against both the practice and the agency team doing the advertising generating hundreds and thousands of inquiries.

Practices come and go as their sales failures don’t create sufficient returns for continuing to invest into advertising for pursuing cases. Many doctors jump from advertising company to company, again believing that if they just found that one secret ad, cases would be in abundance because patients would see and ad and just show up to write a check.

Another hidden cost of these sales failures is far fewer patients benefit from treatment because the relationships were never handled correctly. This is the ultimately travesty! Professional sales failures also equal more patients living in dental misery!

Instead of repeating a routine that’s not working well or working at all, what is really needed is for practice owners and DSO leadership stakeholders to step back and think about what is missing in the practice capabilities in sales and either level up to the real pro level or simply step to the side and delegate critical sales tasks and steps to those trained and skilled at this part of the implant game.

Want to See Closing Rates go to 75-90%?

When sales professionals are deployed case closing rates skyrocket to 75-90%. This 2.5-18X change over the typical closing rate makes any advertising campaign at any budget a success!

As Figure 1 shows, with a a high level of capabilities. in both phone sales to manage relationships so patients are screened, qualified, and booked, and with a high level of capability in the sales process that begins at consultations and exam appointments and ends at professional case presentation (which can be made extremely simple and in less than 10 minutes for the doctor portion of the presentation), real magic happens from great implant advertising and far more patients get help!

What Causes Lackluster Results in Advertising?

What gets in the way of advertising reaching its potential is a lack of sales capabilities, lack of sales professionals on the local team, lack of sales professionals available for hire in local markets, and a lack of time in an already busy dental practice to give the time and attention to prospect and patients inside the sales process leading to the case presentations.

Sadly, failed results due to sales factors are completely unrelated to the doctor’s high level of clinical qualifications to treat the full arch patient, professional ethics, education or specialty status. Many doctors advertising who struggle due to these sales factors have credentials at the highest level in the field!

Sadly, these highly qualified clinicians, who rightfully should be treating far more cases have also invested years in time and tens of thousands in courses and armamentarium to be able to treat the full arch implant case. They can and do see their desire and motivation wane when they teel that whatever is holding them back has no solution. The good news is what may feel like an intractable problem is now easily solved by our unique Remote Sales Team™, one of kind in the industry, service.

Welcome to the 2 + 10 + 2 Case Presentation™ for All-on-4 / All-on-X via the Remote Sales Team™

With our Remote Sales Team™ and one-of-a kind Wrap-a-Round Sales Service™ level of service, minimal time is needed “presenting” the case or options. You as the doctor only need to really focus on your diagnostic skills, have a lead assistant with a nice personality to help work up the case and to provide items needed to our Remote Sales Team™.

Lastly, you will only need to follow our simple 8th grade level scripting of:

  • Two sentences before you present your treatment options, then
  • A simple 10 minute case presentation, and then finish with,
  • Two sentences after your short presentation and then hand-off the patient back to your Remote Sales Closer™ who has remoted into the presentation.

We’ll teach you the exact scripting, word for word, which is at the 8th grade level so that every patient can understand it.

Following your closing two sentences, your Remote Case Closer™ will move on to closer the case and with your assistant have the patient to sign paperwork and collect payment or a deposit.

As long as you are passionate about dental implants, personable (patients like you), can deliver a predictable case result, have positive Google reviews, conduct your procedures in a mostly painless manner, and are willing to follow our exact instructions with the clinical treatment discussion (in 8th grade language), you can remove the hassle, headache, and challenge of building and maintaining a high performing in-house sales team, stop stressing over case presentations, and simple ‘leave the selling’ to your external professional team.

To book at time to speak about a full arch implant advertising program that not only delivers prospects but removes sales stress and sales limitations from your practice go HERE.

Components of
Dr. McAnally’s Big Case System

The entire process of getting a least 8-10 full arch implant cases into practices monthly is the Big Case System. It has two main parts: The Full-Arch Implant Advertising Program gets people to call and speak to our sales team for pre-qualifying and consult booking.

 The second part is the Sales Training and Sales Process System; comprehensive training and coaching about what you and your staff say and do in order to turn advertising leads into patients and cases.  

Together, they are responsible for sending hundreds of full-arch implant cases to our members yearly. These cases represent millions in full-arch implant case sales plus additional ancillary services beyond simply implant services.

About Dr. James McAnally
My clinical background is more than 19 years at chair-side treatment and I continue to hold an active clinical license. I hold a fellowships in the AGD, International Congress of Oral Implantologists, and am a Diplomate at the Misch International Implant Institute, member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon, as well as Pierre Fauchard Academy.