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Bombs away-Dental Case acceptance and how they sometimes fail


Bombs away-Dental Case acceptance and how they sometimes fail Every day dentists and teams let bombs (barriers to good patient decision making) blow up their  dental case acceptance and treatment recommendations . The sad part is everyone sees and knows the same bombs are going to appear again and again but few do anything to diffuse them or to get out of the way and stop the damage. If you only took one step and read my #1 best selling book on Amazon it would be a start in the right direction to getting more [...]

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Ethical Selling Dentistry & Decision Fatigue


Ethical Selling Dentistry & Decision Fatigue I have researched behavioral science that helps good decision making when it comes to ethical selling dentistry Heard of decision fatigue?  Doubtful as most dentists left off their training in human behavior somewhere around dental school year 1. A bevy of scientists have been investigating this issue from a variety of angles:  Jonathan Levav, Standfrod, Shai Danziger, Ben-Gurion University, Israel,  Roy Baumeister, Case Western, Florida State, and Kathleen Vohs, University of Minnesota, Wilhelm Hofmann, Unveristy of Wurzburg, Holly Miller and Nathan DeWall, Univerisity of Kentucky, Dean Spears, Christian-Albrechts University [...]

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Independent Dentist-Countering Poor Economy


Independent Dentist-Countering Poor Economy The independent dentist is never more so at risk of losing his/her practice given the poor state of the economy and a shrinking middle class. My program members know that I keep talking about something called the "new dental economy" which is literally the permanent change in consumer discretionary spending and buying power in the post-credit bust world.  Anyone practicing in the industrialized west minus those who are net exporters (Germany), have significant commodity wealth (Australia, Canada Norway), or who have net capital inflows thanks to short-term interest rates (New Zealand) [...]

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