What Creates 100 Full-Arch Cases Yearly?


Change is a constant. I see it in the time I've been active in the implant world since 1995. The procedures and clinical thinking has evolved (AKA changed), protocols and implant design and work flows have changed, and there have been changes on the advertising and sales side of the equation. What's Changing? In advertising, the procedure (full arch implants), there's been a few minor (and a few major) changes in the wording of the messages that work best. However, even in the digital age, some of the same very best messages that worked for creating implant cases in the [...]

What Creates 100 Full-Arch Cases Yearly?2023-05-23T12:15:21-04:00

Can You Treat This Implant Case?


Can you treat All-on-4 / All-on-X / full arch implant cases? Want cases just like the one above? If so, how many? Why not treat a least three every month OR 1-2 every week? Or... If you are of the 'go big or go home' mindset, how about aiming for 20 arches every month?   ... IF you have the stamina!  The only way to find out what's possible is to have a discussion about what your goals are in your local market and to obtain an objective assessment on what's possible and what the real costs are to make that [...]

Can You Treat This Implant Case?2023-05-23T12:18:57-04:00
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