Implant Advertising Lead Optimization: It WILL Break (or Make) Your Advertising


A number I derived early on back in 2005 when I started Big Case Marketing was tracking the overall close rate from all leads coming from ads for any sales above the $10,000-level of treatment plan. I looked at this both in the practice and in the sales of our advertising/consulting client base. Pre-great recession, we used to have a lot of live, in-person meetings and it was easier to get numbers out of people as it was their homework to bring this data to their sessions.  Additionally, we tracked and knew the stats on each critical step in the sales process. Closing rates for calls to consults, records appointments, etc.  This was [...]

Implant Advertising Lead Optimization: It WILL Break (or Make) Your Advertising2023-05-23T12:02:52-04:00

Do What Works… Or Do What’s Insane?


We are 50% advertising agency and 50% SALES consultancy. Why? Because even with some of the very best ads in the universe (ours), economic results are greatly hindered if the practice thinks and acts like a 'classic' one presenting and treating a few fillings and crowns here and there and doing hygiene checks. The processes, conversations, behaviors, and mindsets in this environment are basically like kryptonite to economic results to full arch implant advertising. The ads flood the phone with patients but they are never invited into the practice in a way that moves them on to consults, presentations, and [...]

Do What Works… Or Do What’s Insane?2023-05-23T12:17:34-04:00

Secrets In Advertising All-on-X Cases


Here's a secret critical to understand related to today's implant patients and cases and the specialty All-on-X advertising we produce, place, and manage for our member practices in the Full-Arch Program: Gone are the days when implant patients were mostly those in dentures. Yes, there are on occasion denture wearers who still need and who will buy dental implants, but the majority of cases right now are those in terminal dentitions (the ailing/failing dentition). This means most immediate loading cases (and the advertising that drives awareness, consults, and All-on-X cases in operatories) is not focused on those wearing dentures but on [...]

Secrets In Advertising All-on-X Cases2023-05-24T12:28:05-04:00
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