Top 5 Reasons Our Advertising Clients LOVE Full-Arch Cases


FACT/REAL NEWS: Money is not the main driver behind why our advertising client members pursue full arch implant cases and All-on-X cases. In a bit, we'll return to the top five motivatorsm which may resonate with you. First, let's get the economics of seeing 1 full arch immediate load All-on-X implant case every week covered. Some Basic Economics Fees for an arch ranges from $7K in Poland, $10K in Vietnam, to $18K-$50K in the US. BTW - Unless you have an MBA level sales process, you are unlikely to see $50K per arch but that is another story. For removable implant [...]

Top 5 Reasons Our Advertising Clients LOVE Full-Arch Cases2023-05-24T12:08:36-04:00

The Average Dentist and Terminal Dentitions


Past full arch implant clinical skills which are easy to acquire and gaining the ability to "sell" cases that cost as much as a nice motorbike or a well equipped car, unless you secure professional specialty advertising assistance, the odds are stacked greatly against you having a regular supply of terminal dentition patients looking for full arch implant answers who are also willing to write a check for the fee involved (or for at least 50-75% of the fee if the Medicare oral surgery benefit is involved for our 65+ year old US patients). When 'They Have A Dentist' Now, another advertising [...]

The Average Dentist and Terminal Dentitions2023-05-24T12:10:32-04:00

The FORMULA That Unlocks an Abundance of Full-Arch Cases


Today, I'm going to let you in on another secret. THE FORMULA that unlocks full arch implant cases month after month and year after year and that has been working for 17+ years in our longest term member's practice. The Secret Formula Previously we've covered truths about what prevents implant dentists and implant specialists from performing these life changing immediate loading modalities of implantology (or from referring their patients to providers who do perform these procedures). Another TRUTH in this niche area of clinical expertise is that most with the technical acumen to perform full arch immediate loading treatment aren't willing [...]

The FORMULA That Unlocks an Abundance of Full-Arch Cases2023-05-24T12:11:23-04:00
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