dental marketing all-on-xFACT/REAL NEWS: Money is not the main driver behind why our advertising client members pursue full arch implant cases and All-on-X cases.

In a bit, we’ll return to the top five motivatorsm which may resonate with you.

First, let’s get the economics of seeing 1 full arch immediate load All-on-X implant case every week covered.

Some Basic Economics

Fees for an arch ranges from $7K in Poland, $10K in Vietnam, to $18K-$50K in the US. BTW – Unless you have an MBA level sales process, you are unlikely to see $50K per arch but that is another story.

For removable implant cases, the fee routinely starts at $10K per arch and goees up to $18K. BTW2 – the smartest implant dentists who have been at this the longest have all abut eliminated removable implant options from their work flow. Again, sales process is key.

In the US, the revenue from 52 AOX/Teeth Tomorrow/Hybridge/etc. cases will range from $936K to $2.6M in the U.S.A.

Now, one thing to be clear on here is there are many other ways in dentistry to make more money. Obamacare children’s G.A. dentistry being a great example. Owning 4 or 5 general practices that you advertise and manage associates in being another.

So, while revenue/profit is part of what we are talking about when we discuss the full arch immediate load implant case, there are other reasons our members want to do a 3 arch minimum each month or 1-2 arches per week plus capture as much “spill-over” dentistry as possible from their advertising.

Reasons Our Docs Love All-on-X Cases

Here are the TOP 5 REASONS our member doctors love full arch immediate load All-on-X cases:

  1. Professional satisfaction (look what I can do that others can’t).
  2. Highly compensated per hour of my time (much higher than regular dental procedures under insurance schemes). Some work fewer hours while taking home the same or more money. Others choose to work the same hours.
  3. More fun and excitement (as compared to buccal pit composites – #yawn or adding one more hygiene check to your week – #ShootMePlease).
  4. Pinnacle of one’s clinical career and capabilities(I’m very educated and I see retirement on the horizon, so let’s go out in glory!). Quite a few who were thinking of retiring opt to have this as their going away party – and wind up extending their practice life by 5-10 years as they are having too much fun to retire. This is a win for patients as often times these are the most highly skilled amongst us. Having you continue to use your lifetime of skills is a greater public good!
  5. The rapid transformative aspect of these modalities (how often do you “transform” a patient’s life doing fillings, with perio treatment, or via 3rd molar extractions?).

Now, past the one arch per week practice, there are also those driven personality types running practices that aim for 100, 300, and even 300 cases per year mark (just like ClearChoice) and the combined revenue from AOX plus “spill-over” dentistry can reach $10M+ annually for 1 implantologist with an associate GP. This is not a relaxed pace practice and these are work-a-holic personality types that often have zero work person life balance. Not my cup of tea but to each his own and we will happily provide the advertising to generate as many cases as any market will produce.

Live the Dream

So that’s our Top 5 motivators and the fee possibilities.

While this is about a lot more than money and almost none of our members show up to the “full arch implant case” door saying that’s why they like/want these cases, it’s important to understand the economics.

So, if a few of the Top 5 motivators appeal greatly to you, why not live the same dream as our members?!?

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Full-Arch Program Testimonials

“Thanks to James and the Full Arch (AO4) Program, we treat a full arch case every week. I’m having the most fun ever in my long professional career”
– Dr. Joe M., Virginia

“The Full Arch Program with Medicare Option has given me the implant practice of my dreams.”
– Dr. F. A. Charlotte, NC