In ethical selling dentistry no is just as important as yes..

Ethical selling and N0

In ethical selling dentistry and dentistry sales the word no is just as important as yes ! If the patient is saying no after you have gone through your proven sales system and check- list then that patient has shown that he is not the right fit for you. You can read more about my ideas in my #1 best selling book on Amazon.

Overcoming objections” is something that gets thrown out as an important part of “sales” to the profession.

Want in on a secret?  Overcoming objections as something to be concerned about or to learn to do is complete bunk.  As outdated as a black and white TV.

There’s nothing to overcome if you’ve used a check-list of steps grounded in the current science.  No hard selling.  No overcoming objections.  All side effects of science and systems. Check out my proven sales systems on my website.

The patient’s that need to say no will do so. Qualifying materials and pricing information done right all hurry along the process and help you to stop wasting time on patients who don’t need your clinical expertise.

In an ethical selling dentistry and it’s process, it’s imperative that we be comfortable in the fact that our dentistry isn’t for most people and that we’re choosing to have the right conversations with the right patients in as many specific instances as possible. {Yes, we have different systems to manage the no’s that someday might be yes.]

Are you making it OK for your patients to say no via a well thought out selling process grounded in science? If not go to my website for more information on how to qualify the right patients.