Dental Practice Advice-The hidden unspoken agenda at major professional meetings is….

dental practice advice

To continue on my dental practice advice regarding dental meetings and what goes on at them.

Last week, we talked about how equipment makers and a supply houses via the courtesy of big marketing dollars have a virtual strong-hold on editorial content in the major journals.

Now for the big professional meetings.  Why isn’t there more reality of the economics of practice being shared from the podiums?

Well, next time you venture out to a major meeting, take my dental practice advice and look carefully and you’ll have most of your answer.  You’ll find that the exhibit hall and sponsorship of the meeting is (guess what), paid for by the manufacturers and suppliers.  Seeing a pattern?

And, here’s the behind the scenes secret for every professional meeting you’ve ever attended.

One small part of the meeting is to give you as a member a promised benefit but a much bigger reason for creating a meeting is to get you there so you can be sold to in the exhibit hall!  It’s no coincidence there’s food and beverages in the exhibit hall.  It’s not because they want to be nice to you.   Things that distracts from the sales purpose is (again) very much looked down upon.  I know this personally from years of being given those very marching orders as a speaker.  In fact, we all sign agreements along those lines.

Anything that doesn’t focus on technique or equipment is carefully neutered to keep from damaging the sales going on in the exhibit hall.

Next time…as the next segment of my dental practice advice, we’ll move on to clinical CE courses.

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