Dental Practice Advice-What the dental trade journals don’t want you to know.

dental practice advice

In my dental practice advice series lets talk about trade journals and what they don’t want you to know.

Did you ever wonder why trade journals featuring clinical CE and/or the latest technical gear don’t talk about dealing with the challenges faced with actually having patients want the procedures and the latest in technology being sold to the dentist?

Did you know that at major professional clinical meetings, it’s “verboten” to talk about the real day-to-day issues of how dentistry gets paid for and who will or won’t buy it from the podium?

The world is a much tougher place these days and there’s no room for sugar coating reality so the reasons why this occurs is worthy of discussion and some dental practice advice for the future.

I believe you deserve and can handle the truth in black and white on the real answers to these questions.

First, let’s handle the trade journals and all the “stuff” contained therein.

Truth:  The manufacturers REALLY want to sell you lots of inanimate stuff (equipment).  They know that dentistry is a gear oriented profession and they are already at an advantage.

The supply houses want to sell you a lot of stuff that gets thrown away (disposables) and there’s also equipment involved with many of the bigger concerns (Schein, Patterson, etc.).

Manufactures and supply houses are the trade journal’s bread and butter.  They pay for the ink, shaved trees, and “Cliff the mail-man” to walk it to your door.  Thus, keeping you in the dark on anything but these companies “stuff” is important.

Editorial content that might lead to you re-thinking purchases of materials, equipment, and supplies are a big no-no!  Editorial content that sells you equipment is always at the forefront.

Take a look at a few of those dusty trades piled up in your office.  The odds are you’ll see almost nothing in there that isn’t a cheering match for all the materials and equipment.

Half of life’s battle is simply becoming AWARE of the agenda others have that either help or hinder you and use this dental practice advice and take note for the future.

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