Is word of mouth advertising dead? Online Dentist Reviews-Part 2

Online dentist reviews

How did Reviews “kill” Old Word of Mouth Advertising?

In the online dentist reviews series let’s continue the discussion about word of mouth advertising.

This thing called the internet came along.

Yes, the internet buried old word of mouth advertising plus many other things that are simply no longer true about how the world works. Up until the late 1990s, technological advancement was mostly related to physical transportation (ships, trains, planes, and automobiles) and the physical movement of information over wires (telegraph and telephone). In the digital age, advancements are no longer really about physical movement but digital movement and speed of movement of information between parties.

Digital Word of Mouth Advertising (AKA online dentist reviews) is part of this speed revolution!

With each passing year, it becomes easier for the public to access information online about the services and products they buy and will contemplate buying. Look at your own behavior as well as those around you and it’s likely that everyone in some fashion is using digital word of mouth advertising as a consumer of products and services. It’s likely that you’ve looked at reviews to go to a restaurant, buy something at Amazon, rent a hotel room, or to buy a new or used car.

Your prospective patient’s behavior is no different except in their case they are evaluating YOU and YOUR services!

As a direct result of this information access, it comes increasingly important that potential patients can find stories (online dentist reviews) from your existing and former patient’s experiences with you.

One patient’s story can influence dozens if not hundreds of others instead of simply one patient directly (old word of mouth).

Regardless of where and how you ‘hang your shingle’ as owner or employee, prospective patients are going to investigate you and their other choices and they will check out your online dentist reviews without your consent or knowledge.

Ignore, fight, or embrace online dentist reviews. The first two lead to the same destination; doing less good for patients and having unnecessary frustration as a business owner (or partner or employee in a large clinic) and clinician. They also lead to the patient being pulled towards another clinic, practice, or provider. If you’re doing a good or great job why let them be pulled elsewhere?

Here’s an example

There are practices all around those at the top with the most reviews who are just as good, just as ethical, just as nice, just as whatever, BUT, they are having patients pulled away from them because of their ignorance about this one small detail.

Those who embrace it and change and adapt to this new reality of consumer behavior ultimately get to help more patients and enjoy better and more rewarding practices.

Ultimately, there is really only good news here and that is that inefficient word of mouth has been officially replaced by something far more powerful that can build and maintain a healthy practice for a lifetime.

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