5 Ways to Attract New Dental Patients- Part 1

Attract new dental patients

We are full speed ahead in the last business period of 2015 (Labor-Day to 2nd Weekend of December) and I’ve decided to give you 5 ways to attract new dental patients to any practice.

“Way” #1 to Attract New Dental Patients

Every 90 days, mail out a letter to all your local friends, family, and patients. As long as a patient has been in your office AT LEAST once in the past 12 months. Ignore everybody else.

Those who have been around the “Big Case” world for a while will understand this is part of Tenet #16 “Follow-Up Never Ends.” If the 39 Key Tenets isn’t in your hands, heart, and your practice, boy you’re missing out. These 39 things used to be only discussed in-house in member meetings, now they are public for the profession at large. You can get a discounted copy of the guide here.

The letter that attracts new dental patients isn’t as important as WHAT you will put in it. I recommend the letter discussing just ONE condition. For a GP or prosthodontic practice the most effective condition is tooth loss/prevention.

Share something new and relevant related to the subject. Where to get it? Well, it’s 2015 and you can find these online with a Google Search. Each mailing of this new dental patient attraction letter needs to INCLUDE 3 BUSINESS CARDS. Three !!  Not 2, 1, or more than 3. THREE.

Your business card MUST say at least the following…

  • Complete Services – Gentle Touch
  • Walk-Ins Welcome
  • Insurance Accepted
  • No Unnecessary Treatment
  • Office hours

If you have to make special cards for this mailing, DO IT. It’s worth it.

If you are not gentle, fix it!

FYI – an immediate giant plus to this card for our members comes from being a part of the Painless Dental Alliance and adhering to the clinical and administrative precepts since by doing so you can use the Alliance logo. You can find out more about the alliance here.

Also…HAND ADDRESS the envelopes.

Your address and theirs. HANDWRITTEN in a #10 personal size envelope with a REAL stamp.

Mail this once every 90 days to attract new dental patients.

As your list grows, so will your practice.

“Way” #2 to Attract New Dental Patients

You are going to laugh at this but it really works…EVEN if you literally opened a scratch practice yesterday.


  • Before work, during lunch, and after work
  • Including weekends, holidays, and holy days
  • EVEN if just forward the calls to your cell phone

This is a compounding strategy as the return gets better each and every month as time goes by.

Maybe you only attract one more new DENTAL patient this month but if you stick to it, it can result in 5-10 additional new dental patients being attracted PER month 6-12 months from now.  If you put into place our simple technology tool  the results compound even faster since within that same time period you can have 100+ reviews extolling the virtues of what you and your team do. The #1 general practice in Tampa uses this technology and as a result are seeing 40+ new patients per month just from reviews.

Now back to the phone.

Answering machines, recorded messages (no matter what the message is), and voice mail ALL repel new dental patients. If you are paying for advertising, you need to be aware that not doing this also means you automatically lower your ROI on every dollar put into advertising.


Get those phones answered LIVE, 24/7/365.

We provide the set-up tools, scripts, and instructions on how to easily set-up 24/7/365 phone answering inexpensively as part of The McAnally System. To get going with an instant trial which also comes with a license for our exclusive Text2Review technology that can garner 100+ reviews for your practice within 12 months, go here.