What is the Marketing Cost for All-on-4-Cases

Dental Implant Marketing Costs

I’ve gone into the long list of reasons why the public wants this procedure. So, what are the marketing costs for all-on-4-cases to see 50-100 of these cases annually?

Well, before we get into actually dollar amounts and ranges, there are four big picture concepts to understand.

#1 – The first thing to realize is that with marketing/advertising ANY niche procedure there is a certain minimal budget required to “break the glass.”  Breaking the glass refers to getting in front of enough patients for your message to matter.

Anything below the minimum budget means it’s likely you will have a wasted effort with not enough phone calls arriving to create returns worthy of keeping your advertising going.

I personally found #1 this to be true for many years before I began figuring out what worked for marketing niche procedures.  The same issue continues to keep most clinicians who “tip-toe” into AO4 niche case marketing on the wrong side of the “fun line” when it comes to who gets to do most of the cases.

In any given market, there is a small group of doctors on the “fun” side of the line and a very big group on the “not fun” side.  Many of those on the “not fun” side got there because of not understanding the minimum budget required to be on the  “fun” side.

#2 – The second thing to realize is the following: there is ALWAYS and ONLY a few best messages about specific procedures that mean much to a lay-person and those messages can and do migrate with time (see the blog for that discussion on implants) and the novelty, unique patient benefit, or the depth of the problem that a particular approach solves versus other approaches also matters a LOT and the more novel, the bigger the benefit, the more loss prevented, the greater the problem solved, the more power we have to go the public and talk about it.

Not understanding this means that a lot of docs either waste time with messages that simply don’t resonate with the customer or they attempt to market procedures that they are passionate about but that the public simply doesn’t get all that fired up about.

#3 – The third thing is to realize that everything in #1 and #2 above has been previously seen by others and the problems and pitfalls have already been discovered and managed.

There is no new wheel to invent.  Repeat, there is no new wheel to invent. Yes, we change the bearings occasionally, but outside of that it’s utter foolishness to try to figure this out on your own.

Recently, a doc on the phone with me said he personally tried out online AO4 advertising and found his ads didn’t work and for some reason was surprised.  I said that while he could certainly learn how to do all of what was necessary to effectively use online ads and could arrive at the right answers.  He’s also in for at least a 5 year educational experience to catch up with the handful of marketers and consultants who’ve already “passed go” on the board multiple times while he’s now sitting on “Vine Street.”  (FYI – That’s the first property on the monopoly board).

Going on an adventure of discovery to figure out #1 and #2 wastes time, energy, and money.

Okay with all of that as a preface, let’s talk about some actual dollars.

Again, with online advertising, it is all local as in each market and in each consumer niche, everyone advertising is bidding for positions to get their ads in front of the consumer/patient.

Currently, the 2016 ranges we are seeing range from a low of $1800 per month to a high of $5000 per month to “break the glass” for AO4 marketing. 

The minimum advertising budget (paid directly to Big Brother Google not me) is designed to deliver roughly 70 phone calls in a month.

For those planning to go all the way and move up to the 50-100 case level, the minimum budget will need to continue to rise to support additional phone calls until case volume is reached.

The mix of offline and online advertising will very based on market area, local geographic factors, and local demographics.  (FYI – More factors that are part of #2 above).

Since I don’t want to frighten anyone I won’t mention the phone call volume that will eventually result from the advertising required to hit the 50-100 all-on-4 case mark.  I will only say that it can all be easily managed with good systems and technology.

Beyond the entry level minimum budget, you can also expect an management fee that includes advertising campaign management, website content management, website SEO, staff training, phone training, sales training, etc. that ranges from 0.5-2X of your monthly budget depending on what’s required to keep you on the “fun” side of the case line.

Again, as everything is local, the only way to know hard numbers for your location is to have an AO4 practice analysis.

Next time, we’ll go more into what matters in order to have an abundance of cases.  All niche advertising and ethical selling requires a basic understanding of math especially when we look at the system steps required to be successful.


The next openings for starting the All-on-4 Program, designed to deliver 50-100 AO4 cases per year, is now February/March.

Markets are area exclusive.  As doctors enter the program. markets go away. Currently there are more than 2,000 implant focused practices following this eLetter series. You can easily choose to eliminate your competitors by becoming an active decider versus a passive observer.

I’m not a fan of Trump EXCEPT in his ability to self-promote for which he has a profound skill at AGE 69!  I can imagine the five letter word he would have for those who look upon a great opportunity for a procedure that patients want and CHOOSE PASSIVITY.

The deadline for the February/March window is now 12/14 and that date is coming fast.

There is a three step process to enter the program.

1) Schedule a discussion with me here.

2) Fill out an Analysis Form ahead of your discussion to determine if you are a good match for the All-on-4 Program

3) Let my team do local market research in your location to look at what changes are necessary to your website and to confirm the absolute minimum marketing budget.

If you are serious, we can still make it happen for you to start hearing the phone ring for consult in February/March.

To schedule a discussion, go here.

If you aren’t ready for the AO4 program or know you aren’t qualified, you can always put yourself ahead of others in your market and escape the discounting game by utilizing The McAnally System.  The basic trial starts here.