All-on-4 implant advertising mistakes and full arch implant advertising mistakes are easily avoided.  Today, we’ll discuss the two biggest that set up many new dental implant and All-on-4 implant advertisers for failure.

It’s easy for me to tell when one of the two biggest dental implant advertising or all-on-4 dental implant advertising mistakes has happened or is about to happen for a new practice seeking full arch implant / All-on-4 implant cases enters the advertising arena.

Why is it easy to spot?  Well, my team and I have been at the game of specialty full arch All-on-4 implant advertising longer than anyone else in existence.  My hand has personally been involved in full arch implant advertising for 23 years. When you add in my team, also with backgrounds either creating ads or selling full arch cases, we are at more than 50 years in combined efforts.

Past these decades personally in dental implant advertising, I also have a unique background of literally doing what our members do as a hands-on clinician.   Due to this unique combination of advertising/sales + clinical doer, I can, within a 20-minute phone consultation with any practice owner or group of owners, tell whether a business owner implantologist or a board of directors of a DSO network, if they are in the right situation where it makes sense to pursue advertising for full arch All-on-4 implant cases on a monthly basis OR whether they are about to make one of the two biggest dental implant advertising mistakes I see by proceeding without advice or warnings in their market.

Too often providers or owners get ‘implant religion’ and are excited by the technical skills involved in treating the full arch / All-on-4 dental implant case.  This is understandable because full arch implant reconstructions, the All-on-4 (or All-on-X) implant procedure, and full mouth rehabs/cosmetic reconstructions are the most life-changing procedures we do as clinicians. Many of these clinicians have also been at the chair for a long time and they are finding regular dentistry no longer all that exciting while they find these life-changing procedures highly energizing.  The full arch implant and All-on-4 implant cases are both rewarding professionally and are rewarding economically. It’s no surprise the clinician prefers this excitement over one more quadrant (or less) of regular everyday dentistry!

And while clinically, roughly 10,000 clinicians in the US may be ready with the know how to handle these procedures, most of those who are clinically ready to treat full arch implant cases or all-on-4 implant cases have a near zero percent chance of success with what is a 100% advertising and sales-based service. Why? Well, because the majority (80-90%) of these same clinicians who learned the skills clinically are routinely missing most of the non-clinical skill sets (and system processes). Furthermore, most are only vaguely aware of what these non-clinical ‘soft skill’ sets are that underly the success in the business of full arch / All-on-4 dental implant cases!

Dental Implant All-on-4 Advertising Mistake Number 1 – Failure to Seek Objective Advice

As a result of what is often a newfound religion for full arch dental implants or All-on-4 implant cases, these newcomers routinely commit the first big dental implant advertising mistake that I see which is a failure to get objective advice on whether ANY of this really makes sense.

Does pursuing these cases make sense for where they are as an implant clinician (be it clinically and mindset)?

Does it make sense to pursue these cases from where they are as a business concern that must fund external advertising?

Is the implantologist practice owner or majority of DSO board members at a point where they can and will commit to bon-a-fide MBA level sales processes required for the level of competition and for the price point of these cases?

One thing that is far different from how we work as a dental implant specialty advertising agency than anyone else is simply being OBJECTIVE and HONEST about the front-end keys to success required for cases in a specific market. This applies to any practice we MIGHT work with in this clinical endeavor which is 10% clinical and 90% advertising and sales based for those who want to treat full arch implant cases routinely.

Being honest, even at a free discussion call, makes good business sense. We are looking to form relationships that can easily span 10 years of time with each new member.  To do whatever it takes to make a sale, doesn’t make sense in our member’s practices with implants and it doesn’t make sense from a long-term business perspective for Big Case Marketing.

The 15 Practice Parameters for Success in Full Arch / All-on-4 Implant Case Advertising and Sales

There are 15 practice parameters that I have found to be the most important for being successful at the advertising for and sales of full arch implant cases on a month to month-to-month basis.  Those parameters are of course part of our systematic process of reviewing each potential new advertising member and making a recommendation on readiness for that practice or DSO group related to these cases.

I take these 15 practice parameters into account with every free discussion call regarding our advertising program before I ever go on to recommend to a paid step for us to dig deeper and investigate a local market.  If it makes sense to investigate, I say it.  If it makes sense to differ to the future, I say it.  I know that honesty builds relationships and good will that comes back to create a new sale for us in the future!

Dental Implant All-on-4 Advertising Mistake Number 2 – No OBJECTIVE understanding of your local market true advertising costs or of your local competition in quantity and quality

The second biggest dental implant All-on-4 advertising mistake second I see made by those who dream of being a high performing practitioner with full arch dental implant / All-on-4 implant cases, is not having objective data to fully understand what their local market looks like for these cases both in the true advertising cost (instead of hyped cost) and what is the real level of competition both in quantity of competitors, sophistication of competitors in their market, and in the quality of the advertising they will compete with.  You would never attempt to perform surgery with a blind fold on, yet that is exactly the equivalent of this diving into the market without any real research about the local market or local competition.

I see practices getting sucked into crazy advertising schemes where some sales guy was a smooth talker and next thing you know they have pushed a bunch of money into advertising and are completely surprised by what “Mr. Market” tells them related to competition!

Within this group, there is another mistake where an implant company rep who understands the power of “implant religion” has seized the opportunity to sell a $50K-$100K implant package of inventory with a vague promise to help them with advertising.  Implant manufacturers are business of selling implant inventory – those vague promises on the advertising/marketing side are nothing more than a way to easy the wallet open to put that inventory on the shelf!

What objective information is important when it comes to full arch / All-0n-4 implant case advertising and sales?

Before making a decision to commit to investing thousands in advertising (or implants) doesn’t it make sense to:

1 – Know OBJECTIVELY if you are really at the point clinically where it makes sense to pursue the full arch implant or All-on-4 implant case?

2 – Know OBJECTIVELY that your business operation is in a position to take on this endeavor or should there be a Plan B more basic step first (e.g. become world class at selling first which boosts revenue across the entire practice)?

3 – Know OBJECTIVELY what the reality is with your local competition already at work ahead of you in full arch implant / All-on-4 implant advertising for cases?

4 – Know OBJECTIVELY the quality of the full arch implant / All-on-4 implant advertising you will compete with locally?

5 – Know OBJECTIVELY how sophisticated in sales are your full arch implant / All-on-4 implant competitors in your area with what we know works best for converting patients from searchers to callers?

6 – Know OBJECTIVELY what the monthly investment in full arch implant / All-on-4 implant advertising costs are to generate either the minimum 3 full arch case goal per month or for whatever your full arch implant / All-on-4 implant case goal is per month?

7 – Know OBJECTIVELY if your market can even provide the full arch implant / All-on-4 implant case goal you have in mind (e.g. in some markets, with near certainty 100 arches / All-on-4 arches per year is out of the question while 50 arches / All-on-4 arches per year is very realistic)?

8 – Know OBJECTIVELY whether due to local competition, a flow of Medicare subsidized dental implant cases are going to be a necessity or even mandatory for your success?

9 – Know OBJECTIVELY how many Medicare medical necessity dental implant patients are within a driving range of your practice?

10 – Know OBJECTIVELY if you will need to hire additional staff to pursue your full arch dental implant / All-on-4 dental implant case goals?

Knowing that 8 to 9 out of 10 practice owners will foolishly rush in and invest $50K-$100K into some scheme trying to get their “dental implant machine” running predictably with full arch / All-on-on-4 cases with ZERO objective information, why not be the 1 or 2 out of 10 who goes about this ‘eyes wide open’ and as a result are more likely to be successful?

As part of our process for taking on potential new members, everyone goes through an objective research step that we charge a fee for to deliver objective advice.  This allows us to be brutally honest with every potential new member.  Based on the objective information provided back to you as the business owner doctor/implantologist, you can then decide does this make sense for me or not.

So, doc, which would you prefer, lots of objective help, some of it free and some parts of it paid for time and expertise?

Or simply someone trying to “sugar coat” / sell you on implant advertising just because they are desperate for a short-term sale?

To book your first free discussion (the one where I will review the 15 practice parameters important for your success at full arch implant / All-on-4 implant treatment, advertising and sales), go here.

Be safe, be smart, be a leader,


P.S.  Buying objective market research (your local market and competitor diagnosis) is no different than a patient coming to you to pay for a comprehensive dental physical so that you as an expert can derive their treatment options.  [By the way if you are not charging for diagnosis this is a HUGE problem in your sales process!]

It is also the same as you or I paying an expert of any kind to seek an objective opinion in an area where we know we are not the expert.  As example, I recently paid and set a virtual consultation with an ophthalmologist in Israel.  Why?  Because I want her objective advice related to investigative research studies that she oversees that are ahead of the everyday common knowledge the regular ophthalmologists have in their possession.  Paying her for her objective opinion could make a difference in helping with an inherited condition with my eyes.  I will pay her far more for this level of advice than my local ophthalmologist makes because she (just like us in the full arch implant advertising arena) is in command of special knowledge unique to her background and not just what my local doc picked up at the last few meetings he attended or in a journal that took 2-3 years for peer review.

P.S.  2 When I look back, personally, I was guilty of these mistakes myself but in fairness no one in the industry who was trying to sell me on advertising was offering objective advice.  They were simply trying to make that short term sell!

P.S. 3 Sugar coating is for children not for adult, thinking, business owners considering adding a new revenue stream to their practice. Don’t get fooled by anyone out there that glosses over what’s required to not just be great clinically at these cases but to see them month after month in your practice!