Dental Case Acceptance & Dental Economy Showing Its New Colors–

dental case acceptance

More reasons than ever are emerging for selling (dental case acceptance) at appropriate fee’s, good margins, and to allot time to keep these skills at their highest levels.  Most dentists are stuck in the old model of selling and wondering why the digging is getting harder…they are working harder to get their dental case acceptance and find that it is not happening as much as it should.

Here are just 3 of the key numbers that matter right now discussed with my program members-

*Middle class dental services earning power in the US now back to mid-1970’s levels even with TWO members of the household working. (Source:  WSJ)

*40% of consumer spending now generated by the top 5% of households!  Consumption by labor producing income (middle class workers) is down from 85% in 1970 to 61%.  (Source:  UniCredit).  That means LESS service purchases throughout the middle class.

*Post-great recession new jobs are on their way.  93% are non-manufacturing related.  The good news, it’s better than nothing.  The bad news, the economy is generating mostly new low wage jobs (Source—U.S. Bureau of Labor and Standards March 2011).

No matter how one slices it, here’s the reality.  The middle class economic engine that pays for traditional dentistry, both in wages and new jobs, is stuck and the broad based, always growing, middle class, as it previously existed, no longer exists.  No one can wait around for it to return. Hence the current lack of dental case acceptance.

Efficiency gains hid the shrinking buying power, happening in front of our eyes, of our patients for decades.  Now that we are in a post-credit squeezed environment can we see the full ramifications.

The choices are to continue down the high-efficiency path and understand what the means/needs in the business systematize or elevate and sell to patients who can choose to spend on their dentistry, and elevate current dental case acceptance.

Which shall you choose? You can find out more about how to go about how to deal with the new economic reality by going on my website here.

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