Dental Case Acceptance is Impacted by Hiring.

successful hiring and dental case acceptance

Did you know that your dental marketing, dental case acceptance, and fees greatly affect what kind of employees you can attract and hire for the long term? If you want to permanently solve something most practice owners find as frustrating or an annoyance –the task of hiring good and even great team members WHENEVER needed, then this post is for you. Again, it’s worth repeating, hire correctly, and you’ll have better results from your marketing and you’ll have better dental case acceptance too!

Hiring great employees has never been easier if you have the right system and tools and I’m willing to give you those tools for free. Yes, in a bit you’ll find out how to get the #1 guide for automating your process for successful dental team hiring forever for free.

One of the biggest frustrations I used to have in practice was in hiring.  It was very inefficient, expensive, unpredictable, and the candidates – especially those who had worked in dentistry for years – were almost always disappointing.  I knew there had to be plenty of motivated people who would love to work in a growing and upbeat clinical practice but it seemed a herculean task to find them.

At the time, little did I know how much wrong hiring was hurting my dental case acceptance and even my dental marketing results. Remember, if your treatment planning anything besides 100% insurance paid services, you are selling and the better you’ve hired, the better your dental case acceptance will be especially with cases above $5,000. If you want to know more about what’s involved with big cases (over $5,000) check this out.

I found hiring more difficult than marketing and achieving good dental case acceptance of my services! In fact, if you summed up how I felt 15 years ago about hiring in the pre- and early internet years it would be “I hate hiring!”  Of course hate isn’t really accurate.  In reality, it was simply frustration with what I had been taught about hiring in dental school (zilch) and with what I read in the trade magazines (cute theory but not for the real world).  I still laugh at the regurgitated non-sense I see even today in the trades about hiring.  Yes, a few land on small bits and pieces of what’s correct but I’ve yet to see anyone duplicate the effortless, automated, and elegant process I initially developed for my own practice that eventually became known as “Automatic Hiring” used by my top consulting client practices.

How did Automatic Hiring happen?

Well, mid-way through my clinical practice I decided to apply what I had learned about prospective patient generation (marketing to the masses) plus a specific aspect of dental case acceptance (qualifying) to my hiring.  Why not?  Think about it a bit and you’ll surmise that in many ways the processes are similar.

You are seeking a large group of potentially qualified (or motivated to learn candidates) and you want to quickly screen them down through a couple of time efficient steps to the smallest core of likely “buyers.”  I took the “funnel” concept of marketing and sales (remember sales = dental case acceptance) and re-tooled it for use with finding the right employees.  After several years of use in my practice, I was happy with how it worked and the System was ready for my consulting clients and it became known as – Automatic Hiring.

Automatic Hiring DOES remove you completely from competing with other dental practices in hiring BUT you are still in competition with other businesses for the best employees.  Which ties hiring back to another secret I want to fill you in on to help you out for the long term.

Marketing, Dental Case Acceptance (Selling), and Fees all tie intimately into HIRING…..