Patients Like “Simple” in Dental Case Acceptance

Dental Case Acceptance

As ethical doctors, we must diagnose, recommend, treat, and re-examine in everything we do, including case presentation and dental case acceptance…..

…and there’s another side to it.

Patient perception equals reality. (If you want more in depth reading on this check out my new book on Amazon).

Patients look for any reason justify their fears and skepticism. Ask 10 colleagues which dentists they’d never trust around them and they’ll quickly come up with a few names.

The last Gallup poll on the matter shows dentists having less wiggle room than Nurses, Pharmacists, Medical Doctors and Engineers.

It is what it is.

Therefore, whenever possible, simplify virtually everything that you do in your communications both related to marketing, selling, and in person. People like and trust those they know AND can understand. Think about any MDs you have that you can’t understand…doubtful you trust them as deeply.

One of the reasons we’ve started including a “we do it for you” direct mail product as part of basic training is so we can keep it simple with providing you with new patients while improving your systems and operations.

So, from the first phone call, all the way through consults, diagnostics, presentations, care and beyond, keep it simple; less moving parts, smoother procedures, happier patients, better for everyone and higher numbers in your dental case acceptance……………

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