The Dental Consultant and You

Dental Consultant

Let us talk about the dental consultant…………

I truly believe most consultants in dentistry are really trying to help doctors and the profession. I truly believe their hearts are in the right place.

I’m going to be bold today and tell you that most of what’s out there being sold, besides the very most basic administrative systems (which are pretty much timeless), are things designed for a different era of fee-for service dentistry that no longer exists.

We’ll call it the “easy era” where anyone who wasn’t a true ogre did pretty well in the profession.

Some of this is purely laziness on the part of the dental consultant, some of it is institutional resistance to change.

When was the last time a major association fessed up to the state of things with what being middle class buys patients these days or even a hint that mediocrity in anything be it clinical or ethical promotion and selling simply no longer cuts it.  One reason we’re seeing a rapid growth in “consolidation” oriented dental businesses (Aspen, Heartland, etc.) is due to this lack of messaging from our leadership.  Without adequate profitability (a direct side effect of learning ethical selling) more and more practices will be forced into the bear-hug of these corporate entities as employees.

It is what it is.

I actually find some of this amusing because it simply proves our relevance here and the impact that our Programs have in the profession for those choosing to take charge and influence their circumstances for the better by using our particular type of dental consultant program.

That’s why I tell dentists not to talk bad about other dentists or health care providers in their town. It only makes them look petty, little, whiny and weak compared to the other businesses.

But, what most consultants won’t tell you is that every consultant has their share of clients who do NOT succeed and it, often times, is more a reflection of the client than the consultant.

Similarly, you have patients that you can’t help (regardless of finances); they either have the wrong attitude or inability to keep a commitment to their dental health.

So, if you are struggling, don’t blame the dental insurance industry, the ultimate scum-bags at Delta Dental, the economy, president, a past A.D.A. president or a consultant.

Your success depends on your ability give patients what they want, be different than others, while communicating to them in person and via promotion in ways that really matter.

That in a nut-shell is reality right now.

[BTW:  Ethical selling is the foundation for everything in your practice.  You’ll spend far more on something in your business or personal life that has only a fraction of the value that this foundation  of dental consultant information delivers for a lifetime.  What’s your excuse for ignoring your foundation?]

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