Dental Consulting-Are you in a room of people getting smarter?

Dental Consulting

As part of my dental consulting to help program members, I am constantly surrounding myself with people from other industries who are like minded and the best in the business. I can learn from them and bring back what I have learned to help program members apply the new knowledge for their practices.

In LA, in between my two quarterly business think tank groups.  One is purely devoted to marketing, sales, and maturing a business.  The other is devoted to focus on both personal and professional efficiency and help me in the dental consulting arena.

Besides our regular meetings at Big Case Marketing, I personally hit the road to consume the same medicine I recommend to our troops.

A truism is “if you won’t pay for something, you won’t pay attention.”  It’s no wonder that it’s a small elite minority of dentists that I interact with on a routine basis.  Most in the profession are simply too lazy to investigate and then invest in the things that really impact which patients how up and what they buy.  Yes, there are a lot of charlatans out there but the legitimate ones have lots of evidence that support their arguments—thus another reason to devote time to deductive reasoning.

Another truism I offer members in my dental consulting program is the only way you will get smarter is to hang out with people smarter than yourself and always put yourself in a room where everyone is getting smarter.  Are you doing that regularly?

Sorry folks, but dental society meetings don’t satisfy the above truism, or even clinical CE courses, when it comes to smarts for growing the practice.

I’ve been fortunate enough, to not only hang around Joe Polish (right), who is one of the best marketers on the planet but also to have Dan Sullivan who founded Strategic Coach in my personal marketing/sales coaching group.  It’s being around people like this that translate into more “ninja” for our members with marketing that wins the day in the profession.

Here’s one last tidbit for today in my dental consulting series—-when thinking about who you want to serve in your practice, think about what kind of patients do you want to be the hero to.  Whoever you want to be the hero to should be the patient you seek out, sell to, and ultimately take the check from.  This one concept can go a long way to driving your marketing and sales decision.

Viva getting smarter ! To learn more about what my program is all about go here or check out my #1 top selling book on Amazon.