Dental Consulting-My Story. A $6M Story. Your Story Is????

dental consulting

I just returned from a private client meet up for whom I offer dental consulting.  It’s a long term implant/premium denture/LANAP practice.  2 doctors, 2 locations.  I have been dental consulting them for 5 years.  5 years ago it was one doc, doing 1 million in one practice and 1.3 in practice two.  Today it’s 2 million in #1, 2.5 million in #2, and it’s reasonable that they’ll approach a combined $6M in the next 12-18 based on the discussion and plan we just reviewed.  Yes, even in the “changed” economy.  No, they aren’t in B.F.E.  There is plenty of competition.

There’s THIS same kind of income in pretty much any of the dental niches you can name if you’re willing to focus on it and rely on me as you dental consultant.

The problem for most practice owners is in believing it happens in just a matter of months, that it happens without REAL sales processes (these guys are using the outdated version of the sales method I developed–the new brand new updated course is in progress with a large group of doctors right now–  This magic only happens with real focus on the BUSINESS of the practice, with reasonable investments in marketing, and with ongoing permanent investments in coaching and dental consulting  (even at this advanced stage of the game, I look over their shoulder 2X every year).

Besides the numbers and lifestyles this buys (one of the two docs is about to turn 30!), the really great part is that these guys help patients who would never in a million years get major dental work done  because most dentists simply don’t believe in selling.  They feel they’ve taken some sort of higher ground policy on this, when in reality they’re lack of action is denying patients from getting benefits that today’s techniques and methods can provide.

Dentists with the highest satisfaction report they get most of such from doing the procedures they enjoy and doing those procedures at acceptable fees.  Invariably, they are focused on 1 or 2 “niches.” Steve Jobs was adamant that even at the level of being the world’s most profitable company that they could only focus on 2 or 3 things at once and do those 2 or 3 things at a world class level.  The same goes for your practice.  Too many niches, and your resources, focus, and energy are too scattered.  FYI – for anyone keeping score, full fee general dentistry (meaning no Delta, No HMO, No PPO) is a niche now too and has to be treated as such.

Without a DOUBT, if you enjoy niche dentistry, you and I can build your practice together much quicker to get you to your destination both in what you do routinely and in income than you can ever do working  by yourself.

Now, based on my long time clients that I just spent half a day with, these numbers are no longer impressive. The point is though that they took exactly what I was doing then and have taught in my dental consulting for 9 years, and along with my continued guidance, now achieve results that are beyond 99.5% of the profession’s imagination.

My epiphany about all of this happened 14 years ago and as you can imagine, I’ve learned far more since then.  There’s been change, new science, and testing that have all fed into materials, trainings, ads, and advice.

The biggest thing I’ve learned throughout all of this is that there’s a minimum level of aspiration that every dentist can benefit from by simply setting his or her personal bar just a few notches higher to achieve something better than what’s happening right now.    For some, it’s to do $10K cases routinely, for others it’s simply to have more patients selecting slightly better treatment options on a more frequent basis, for others it’s to do only procedures they love, and for some with very big aspirations, it’s to have $6M in production between two doctors with an eye on being regional dentists and not simply town dentists.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I’d like to work with you on your practice and help you with my dental consulting skills.  For many, this will mean simply getting the office manager, treatment planner, and/or financial coordinator up to a new level of selling with our online  training in ethical selling of professional services via the McAnally Selling System, for others it’s to attack their marketing in a “do it yourself” manner via using online “big case” template ads along with some oversight and advice from me and my team, and, lastly, for a handful, it’s either one on one, or in small group format meeting several times yearly.

FYI- We don’t do long term contracts and the online programs always come with a tuition guarantee.

P.S.-The 2 docs I met with last week, bought and REQUIRED every staff member in their practices to read my latest book.  #1 of it’s kind at  If multimillion dollar practices are adopting  these principles, why aren’t you at least investigating?  That’s what the lay person would call a “NO-BRAINER.”