Dental Implant Marketing-For dental implants- media helps

The dental implant economy has recovered completely.  Better than it was even before the 2008 recession.  Sadly, while it’s feast time for a small crowd of implant oriented practices who know how to correctly apply dental implant marketing using our strategies, most who dream of doing these cases aren’t.

It’s even more unfortunate that thousands are lining up for training annually, forking over big tuition dollars without knowing the true lay of the land or how to correctly market for implants. The marketing for the clinical courses is done quite well and some pretty big promises are hinted at what one can expect upon graduation. But most exiting these programs won’t do a significant number of cases unless they make some basic changes in their behavior and activities in the dental implant marketing field.

Why?  Well……..because of what implant patients want, because of specific changes in competitive factors in the market place and because of how media works now as compared to before the recession. You can read some of the strategies on my #1 best selling book on Amazon.

Yes, it’s a small group who are the ones doing the majority of cases. Yes, there is room for more with training to be doing cases.  Yes, you can choose to join this elite crowd should you really wish to do so. What’s involved ? Beside the obvious clinical capabilities, the rest is a combination of smart and effective use of low cost TV plus a specific type of website using very specific PPC tactics plus having all of this marketing connected to a legitimate, science based sales process.

Do these things and within 2-3 years you can be doing 2-3 million in implant cases each year.  Not quite instant gratification but still very much a reasonable time period.  So that time frame doesn’t sound too scary realize there are improvements that happen immediately and within 6 months of moving toward this specific goal.

The best place to start for thinking about upping your game with implants OR any specific dental niche (including fee for service general dentistry which is a legitimate niche these days) is by reviewing our 25 minute educational video on our website or becoming a member which leads to a guaranteed increase in  your bottom line.

To win at the implant game, viewing it is mandatory.