My dental marketing ideas and Holiday Thinking – Do You Get It?

Dental marketing ideas

Here are some dental marketing ideas-Where’s YOUR Holiday Head?

Our Academy members know that barring some very specific instances, during the holidays it is paramount to stick to promotion being aimed at existing/current patients and prospective patients who previously requested information from the practice. Item #2 is a profound concept once understood.

While that’s what needs to be happening now…

Today, I’d like to discuss what your plans are AFTER the Holidays and what you can do this year to better prepare for next year. Using my dental marketing ideas around the holidays you need to have a closer look at ideas for next year.

Personally, during this time of year, I reflect on…

How can I simplify one more thing in my life? – The world is ALWAYS growing more complex so I look for something to remove from my activities or plate. I hired someone to double check my outgoing blogs to members. That one thing freed up at least 8 hours of productive time per week (It’s the equivalent of 50 days of productive WORK!).

Am I the best ____________ I can be or have I been slacking in this area?

What false-hoods have I been telling myself? – HONESTY IS A HARSH LOVER.

What relationships need or are WORTH mending? – If they are worth, then MEND. If not, cut the tie and move on.

How can I do more of what I find important?

Professionally… use some of these points and apply them to dental marketing ideas and use for strategies…..

What did I accomplish this year?
– CELEBRATE (Champagne is not served enough in life…enjoy the good times!).

What did I learn from any challenges? – LEARN & APPLY

What distracted me this year?

Have I spent too much time in “should be” thinking or in reality thinking? – ADJUST MY PERSPECTIVE

Is everything I do in my work (the people I talk and associate with, the projects that get a committed “yes”, the reasons why I focus on certain things, etc.) congruent with my personal values? 

The most important thing for me is a balanced life.  Is something in the above damaging that over riding life goal? – ADJUST and MAINTAIN BALANCE

There’s only 24 hours in a day; it’s okay to relax as much as you want but a travesty to carelessly waste a minute without thought.

Be careful what you say “yes” to which requires commitment of time.

Be very careful of the stories you create in your head about almost everything which influence and impact almost all of the above in some fashion. For more dental marketing ideas and how to rise above your competition, why not check out my top selling book on Amazon.

BIG Headline this week was how smart phones are killing the retailers. Price comparison is now a STANDARD among consumers. What are you doing with YOUR SELLING so price comparison is minimized by the value you create. Dental Marketing Ideas Hint: If you aren’t structuring selling, then you are not winning that game….. No Structure = Limited Pricing Power/Automatic Discounting.  Ready to structure? Then visit my website here.