Dental Marketing Ideas-Why patients buy…..

dental marketing ideas

Given the shrinking middle class and less money for spending on dentistry, dental marketing ideas and fixed strategies for attracting new patients is a must.

The NYT front page today discusses shopping trends at higher end stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman.   Guess what-their sales are back, big time.

While the middle class evaporates there are still consumers spending money on all kinds of stuff -be it apparel, experiences, or services.

A big take-home from the entire article is making sure your message resonates with why the customer is buying (value, longevity, “quality,” status, etc.). In dental marketing ideas and strategies my program members learn to market their clinical services and skills to attract the patient who does have the money and need for their treatment

One or two times a year, we put on a case acceptance training summit for helping dental practice’s clarify the message they use to sell their services compared to competitors. Dentist members also have niche marketing ideas and tools via my program to help them do more of the dentistry they like to do.

It’s a very big deal to these retailers and it is just as big of a deal to those practices wanting to do anything beyond one tooth dentistry. To learn more about my dental marketing ideas and see how my program members practices are thriving despite this lackluster economy, go here or check out my #1 top selling book on Amazon for more dental marketing ideas.