What immigrants understand about “sales” as applied to dental marketing ideas

dental marketing ideas

A dental marketing idea(s) struck me recently as about every two months, like 22 million other Americans, I head to my local Home Depot.  One part is out of necessity to keep a 1935 nationally registered historic art-deco house in well cared for condition and one part purely a human observation field trip watching people search, look, and buy.

My closest store is in the middle of Little Havana, one of several epicenters of immigration in the county.  These immigrant heavy neighborhoods always have stories to tell, lessons to teach, and usually some great “home cooking.”

On every trip, I see a vivid example of a basic reality of “selling” that most dentists refuse to “get,” and will remain ignorant of for a career lifetime. Regardless of the negative consequences of such- (minor things such as less satisfaction, lower incomes, remaining a slave to the insurance game, less able to compete against other goods and services, doing more procedures they hate, etc.).

About a quarter of a mile from the store, one passes an unassuming single story brick building about  the size of an 8-10 operatory practice that even reminds one of a dental building circa 1965.  It houses a business that proudly announces a “unique reason why” that’s kept them going for 35 years and that is “Habla Ingles en Seis Meses.”  (Speak English in Six Months). The concept in dental marketing ideas is that dentists have to create a unique reason why to make themselves stand out from competitors.

Fundamentally, here’s what an immigrant without language skills in the dominant language knows that most average dentists don’t.  They realize very quickly that learning the “selling” language of the land (ENGLISH) is a necessity to have opportunity beyond the most labor intensive jobs.

YOU can learn a lot in six months.   In fact, if necessity dictates, at least the basics of a brand new, not so easy to learn, language.  In 35 years, who knows how many hundreds of good folks have taken what they learned in six months and started participating more fully in the American dream.

While many immigrants, realizing the importance of speaking the selling language of the land will head to this school or another, most dentists, being confronted with the necessity to learn the “selling language” of the professional practice will moan, groan, and create some of the lamest excuses ever ‘test ballooned’ to the entire human race on why they can’t (learn to sell) and embrace it as a dental marketing idea. They refuse to devote a few months to a critical skill.

Recently, a live course in our brand new, fully updated training in The McAnally Selling System launched for office managers, financial coordinators, treatment planners, clinical staff, and dentists.  It used to take 9 months to teach you the language of selling, now it only takes six.

FYI–It is not nearly as challenging as learning a second language from your native tongue but the “language” and check-list process taught are even bigger keys to unlocking professional opportunities this year. Want to be advanced, do more of anything elective and advanced, do procedures you love, or be less of a slave to the “bitter teat of insurance?”  Then, unless you have zero competition, like it or not, the buck for all of those items stop in this classroom with my unique dental marketing ideas.


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Are you up to LESS of a challenge than what an immigrant faces?