Dental Marketing Strategies and Dentist’s Creation of Value

Dental Marketing Strategies

In the new changed economy I hope you are taking your dental marketing strategies seriously.

Here’s a reality.  The best and most successful at anything, tend to flock to others just like themselves.  It’s one of the reasons our doctors hang-out together in masterminds and it’s the reason I go to my own business groups, getting on additional planes to get there, so that my thinking never gets stuck or too incestuous based on my being around mostly other dentists.  As complexity of the world increases, the more important it is to break out of habits and routines and pay attention to the right people and information. I advocate dental marketing strategies that are proven in my own practice and my program members are very successful as a result.

One of my mentors, Dan Sullivan, was an early predictor of what is transpiring, in front of our eyes, thanks to the microchip.  We’ve hit that cliche “tipping point” where the ability to move information and processes easily around the planet is obliterating many of last century’s beliefs on “how things should be” in life.  The economics don’t support much of what we grew accustomed to in the Post-WWII world.  Opening the paper on any given day will reveal just how unrealistic “should be” is right now.  Like it or not, that is the current reality.

BTW: A lot of those “should be’s” supported how dentistry used to be easily practiced and clinging to the long list of dying “should be’s” now contributes to many practice’s difficulties in moving on into the new economy. Given the old mode is dying and the new economy with a shrinking middle class, any smart practitioner knows he will need dental marketing strategies to rise above his competitors.

The value one creates on a daily and annual basis in a job, vocation, or profession has shifted dramatically in the past decade.  In the western world, we’re stuck with a difficult task of reinventing ways to allow the middle class to create enough value in their work to have a middle class existence since that broad base creates stability in far too many ways to count.  [It’s unfortunate that many at the top of the income brackets don’t get this.]  Currently, the guts of the old middle class system is eroding away RAPIDLY.  Education while one component to staying in the middle or moving up economically is not THE one answer. You have to implement dental marketing strategies or die !

Yes, I’m optimistic that our economic system will fill the vacuum eventually, but, in the meantime, we’re all stuck with what is (i.e. reality) is in the now and must adapt to thrive—realizing the old is leaving and dealing with the new as it exists and changes.

Right now, the biggest value any professional can create is packaging themselves and their service in a way that makes it different from others and more appealing, seeking those customers/patients who want/need the package, and ultimately being a great simplifier to the customer who is dealing with a more complex world on a daily basis.  This also includes making sure one is not only attracting but repelling those who the package is NOT for.  An important concept for the right now too in your dental marketing strategies portfolio.

As things become more complex, the value of being a simplifier goes right up with it.  Most dentists have a difficulty grasping this as strategy and even fewer can develop the actual tactics.  Unfortunate, since both are so readily available…doubtful that I’m the only one teaching this.

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Are you stuck in “should be” or moving on?

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