Take some dental practice advice-Bad Mood-Bad Dental Practice

dental practice advice

It is obvious that bad moods are a bad thing, simple dental practice advice !

The problem with Bad Moods is that others around you can sense ’em.  Whether it’s simply behavioral cues or actual chemical processes being sensed it creates unrest and anxiety in others.  Pretty much the last thing you want in your patients and team members who are helping your patients. Do specific procedures, insurances, patients, or staff put you in a bad mood?

If the answer is “yes,” then you are in trouble and you need help and dental practice advice.

A successful and fun practice requires you to manage your emotions and to remove factors that impact you negatively in the conduction of business and performance of procedures.
So, the next time you are in a bad mood, ask yourself these questions…

“Why am I feeling this way?”
“What is really behind these feelings?”
“What can I do or say to transform the situation?”
“How can I change my perception of the situation to feel more optimistic, empowered and in control?”
“What lies or stories have I created to justify my position or reaction?”

Being in a bad mood is a choice and since it has such an impact on your life, wouldn’t it make sense to choose good over bad? If you want to gain some more dental practice advice and how to overcome obstacles in your practice that are preventing dental case acceptance, why not check out my #1 top selling book on Amazon.

Lastly, if you’re thinking about someone at night and it’s not because of something you’ve done wrong (which you can likely make amends for), then that is more insight into individuals. Doctors graduating our programs report regaining control of their time professionally and personally and report happier lives.

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