In dental marketing strategies a mailer gets more attention than postcards

In my dental marketing strategies I have found that a Direct-to-Prospect Mailer gets more attention than postcards.

Best results from a direct marketing campaign depend the number of people who see it. At 11″ tall and 17″ wide and folded in half the Big Case Marketing Direct-to-Propspect mailer is considerably larger than any postcard and definitely stands out in the mailbox. The more people who see it, the more response is likely. Members of the McAnally Selling System have them personalized by my team as part of their membership. They report excellent results and increased phone call volume as a result of the mailer using this particular dental marketing strategy.  Because of the mailer size, it jumps out at the recipient and is more noticeable than a letter or postcard.

Before the recent advent of the U.S. post office’s Every Door Direct Mailing option the cost of mailing each piece would have been prohibitive. But, now the marketer can choose zip codes by carrier route (targeting the most productive areas around the office) for less than a large postcard. The marketer gets twice as much marketing material to the prospect for half the cost. It has been a very impressive tool in our dental marketing strategies. You can learn more about them in my #1 best selling book on Amazon.