Dental Marketing Strategies

dental practice marketing

Do you have Dental Marketing Strategies in Place to attract new patients ?

According to a recent survey, 90% of dentists believe they have

ABOVE AVERAGE clinical skills.

Superior clinical skills don’t guarantee the success of a dental practice.

Clinical skills are undoubtedly a necessary ingredient for a successful dental practice but we’re in a very tough economy and the new reality is that  dental marketing strategies and ethical selling are just as important if you want to stand out from the pack so that patients value your services over discounters.  No matter what your skill level, you are in danger of becoming rapidly commoditized.

Even dentists who are actually far above average are experiencing difficulties.

The reasons are many:

  • Large retail chains now vacuum up hordes of general dentistry patients reducing patient flow to private offices.  They have the dollars to market heavily (and wield them fearlessly), have convenient retail locations with plenty of parking and offer extended hours.  They draw patients who have no way to differentiate “quality” from independent dentists.
  • Insurance companies have trained patients to expect full coverage even though most polices provide minimal benefits. Patients expect to pay little out-of-pocket and resist additional costs more than ever.
  • The patient pool that is buying is significantly reduced from the peak in 2006. The recession devastated middle class personal incomes and the downward spiral of the housing market has reduced the average person’s ability to borrow.  Lastly, the mood of the public is more geared toward savings than it was before, making it more difficult to get them to spend for “optional” dental care.
  • Independent dentists are left competing with one another for the dwindling patients who are buying! Ironically, most dentists advertise for insurance patients and are directly in competition with the retail chains. With higher overheads and fewer resources, that’s a losing battle.

For dentists who want to stay independent and still earn a living commensurate with their years of education, the ONLY solution is to create a niche such as implant or cosmetic dentistry. Then, they must promote within that niche to people who want those services and are willing to pay for them using the correct dental marketing strategies.

This solution is valid in every business niche. It’s nothing new!!.  For example, a small clothing retailer can only compete with Wal-Mart by carrying an exclusive line of high-priced custom clothing and promoting that line to those who might want it. That same retailer would be crushed if he tried to compete head-on with the giant.  The old saying “only a fool competes with IBM” can be translated to dentistry as “only a fool competes with retail chains and dental insurers who have stacked fees and reimbursements in their favor.”

If you’re still reading this, you probably agree with what I’ve had to say so far.  Where we may not agree is on the next step – taking action. As I said at the beginning, it takes more than just clinical skills to succeed in a niche practice. It takes  dental practice marketing and ethical sales skills.  Otherwise, absolutely nothing will happen–no matter how great your crown preps or parallel your implant osteotomies. Getting what’s needed with marketing and sales skills is crucial if you want to successfully compete in the new economic reality.

To prove that my organization and systems are what truly works, I am offering you the opportunity to peek behind the curtain and   that will immediately help you attract and close more insurance-free dentistry. These are designed for colleagues who have the most clinical skills because you have the most to gain and the most to lose based on whether those skills are actually used.


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