Dental Practice Advice-Microsoft Billionaire Paul Allen’s Teeth and Vanity Fair Magazine

dental practice advice

In my dental practice advice series let’s take a look at people in the spotlight who can afford and should be taking care of their smiles.

Seattle Billionaire Paul Allen has a new book out that reveals how much Bill Gates attempted to screw him over in the beginning of the company’s history.  No big surprise for those of us who’ve been around the block and through business deals of our own. A great condensation of the “screw you over” part of the story is in this month’s Vanity Fair which continues to put out some of the best writing in the world currently.  FYI some dental practice advice:  The advertising is worth reviewing as well for those that care about such things.

Paul has done a lot of great things for my former city back in Seattle.  Owns half the downtown thanks to all those computer dollars.  He also serves as an excellent example of just because one has money, in his case unlimited resources, doesn’t mean they care about appearance as his teeth show in this not too old NYT photo.

I was the first dentist on earth to suggest to Paul, via hand-written letter and direct courier delivery, that he’d likely be happier and (gulp) make even more money with a great smile.  Probably even at least get a date every now and then.  Wasn’t even interested in being the treating dentist, I simply wanted to refer him!

Here’s the actual simulation which I sent to him.  He does a pretty good job of keeping “smilers” from being shown on the internet so the resolution of this was not so great.

Missive fell totally on deaf ears but hey at least I did my duty as a professional.  Laughably, nearly 5 years later, when those hapless Seahawks were in the Super Bowl, all the local media could do was talk about the teeth.

Most dentists never get it straight in their heads that there is no difference between those who have absolutely no resources for dentistry and those who have the resources but place no priority on their teeth.  They find it unfathomable that the latter is possible.  My program members are issued my tried and proven dental practice advice and have a checklist sales system which helps the patient qualify themselves regardless of whether they are millionaires or appear not wealthy.

Instead of spending time in that zone, how about working on qualifying mechanisms that find those that have both the interest in the service and the resources.  Yes, a novel concept but one that 95% of the profession simply will never grasp…..

Inside our Programs we call that ethical selling.  What are you doing to get your best services in the mouths of those who really care about them? Why not check out my website here to learn more or take a look at my #1 top selling book on Amazon.