Dental Practice Advice-The Mayflower Madam has Something to Teach Dentists….

dental practice advice

Dental Practice Advice taken from Sydney Barrows.

Recently, I did a one-on-one interview for our Elite Program members with Ms. Sydney Barrows AKA The Mayflower Madam and applied what I have learned from her in my dental practice advice series.

Sydney ran the most exclusive escort service in New York ‘Cachet’ back in the 80’s before New York’s finest brought her down.  Ultimately admitted it was on of the best run business operations they had seen.

Sydney went on to write a number of books, including a New York Time’s best seller that has wound up in dozens of business schools as an example of how to “do it” right when it comes to a successful business operation.

Sex and Sex appeal has a lot to do with pretty much everything being sold which is elective.  That by the way, doctor, includes most comprehensive dentistry. By using The McAnally Selling System which I have developed to attract the right patients you can sell elective cases which you like to perform. It is a game changer in the niche service dental practice marketing.

Even if you advertise now you need better tools to attract the right client and get better case acceptance. Dental practice advice for our program members has placed them above the competition and has brought them qualified patients who need their care.

Invest in an well-designed ads and campaigns, not one-off random ads. To establish yourself in a desired niche, your dental advertising must build your reputation one ad at a time. Our niche dental advertising Elite Program provides ads that do just that.

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