What you need to clean up and out in dental practice advice

Dental Practice Advice

When consulting with my dentist members some simple dental practice advice is to eliminate what you don’t use regularly or need in the practice. Simplify !!

It’s human nature to collect what you don’t need and just as easily to ignore what you could really use of value.

Just completed a clean-up of several closets and the kitchen pantry.  4 giant boxes easily eliminated without much pain and suffering.

Look inside your kitchen cabinets… how much stuff do you rarely, if ever, or have EVER used?

The funny thing is, every time you do this, your kitchen/closet/whatever not only works better, it feels better to be in.

The same can be said for storage areas at your practice, in your garage, and your life.

What can you get rid of? Apply this dental practice advice to both your practice and in your personal life. Remove clutter.

Can getting rid of useless stuff that requires mental and time investments be a bit painful? Sure, there’s always something in these clean-outs that creates a minor twinge when it’s 86’d.

It’s human to make virtually everything sentimental.

Giving this stuff to both friends and a local charity thrift store feels great. And even that nice feeling is dwarfed by the permanent feeling of order, peace, and a simpler daily routine. In the practice that feeling of order and peace effects staff too and ultimately the patients will be affective by that positive mentality that it brings.

So,  taking this simple dental practice advice-what can you eliminate from your life that you don’t use?

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