Dental Practice Advice- Patient Instincts -do you know how they will react

Dental Marketing Ideas

As part of my dental practice advice and how to market and present to patients I ask my members –

“Do you have any idea of how your patient is going to react to your dental marketing and sales in your dental practice ?”

McAnally Selling Advice-Rule #16 -If you make the patient uncomfortable, hard-wired, gut-level instinct takes over.  Guess what….. instinct does not work in your favor (or theirs!).

Instinctual deciding occurring directly out of doctor and team actions is derailing good deciding and probably a billion dollars in dental production each year. How much of your current sales approach creates discomfort for patients?  If you’re answer is “I don’t know” or “Huh?,” you have a problem. You need a system from your dental marketing toolbox to eliminate this negative instinct and unless you have a grasp of how they are going to react, you are hurting your practice and patient. You can learn more dental marketing ideas here. It is practice advice I offer to our members within our selling system.

Each of us has hard wired deciding mechanisms that help us via gut level reactions to information being presented to us to make decisions on.  Unless you take this into account when creating your sales process you will have fewer patients accepting better treatment options because of these instinctual buttons you and your team push in the wrong way. Do you want or need to make changes in your dental marketing mentality ? Well start here with my newest book on Amazon. It will set you on the right direction and give you an unfair advantage over all your peers locally who are competing with your current marketing ideas.

It’s a known research based reality.  Why not deal with it in a systematic fashion using science? If you do, more patients will win and isn’t that the point of all this?

As a reminder, the selling rules presented are truths about selling that apply to you and your patients whether you like it or not. Patient behavior isn’t going away so why not modify you and your team’s behaviors so that you get more of what you want while you help more patients.

Another truth is that there is a limit about what FREE anything can do, be it free dentistry or free tips.