Feeling Stuck? Here’s some dental practice advice

dental practice advice

Here is some dental practice advice if you are feeling stuck or treading water.

I’m a big believer in the “keep it simple” principle.  One of the worst feelings in life is to feel like your “stuck” in situations be they personal or business related and getting mental grid lock on what to do.  The more of these things that pile up the more difficult it is to get mental traction.

Here’s a simple way of fighting through “stuck” that I’ve used in the past as dental practice advice to doctors running in our circles and my program members.

Day One:  Put away all your time wasting gadgets.  Grab a stack of 4×6 cards and pen. Lock yourself in your personal office (or a hotel room).  Now, build a list that includes anything in your life (business or personal) in which you are stuck with something you don’t like.

What items are there in your practice you’re not happy about but you seem stuck with?  Be micro-specific. Write each item on its own card.

What is there about your personal life…family life…places you’re in……people around you…..your health….etc., etc., etc., that is not satisfactory to you and that’s “stuck?”  Write each item on its own card.

If you’re very anal retentive, you can color code the cards; different color for business, personal, and so on. Start in the morning and stay at it until you fall over.  Just park it and write.

Day Two:  Take each card.  Flip it over.  Now write the list of corrective actions you are currently taking to change that item.

Ouch.  For most, Day Two is a very very short part of this exercise.

Day Three: Take each card again.  Now create a plan of action to change each item. Preferably include multiple things to do but write at least one thing.  Stay there until you get it done for each card. Remember, there is always at least one something you can do.  If you honestly can’t think of one thing, call in reinforcements, make a phone call and get help.

Day Four: Put the cards in order or in order in groups, get them organized, by priority. Then go act on at least one item on one single card each day (at a minimum) until you’ve acted on all the items on the cards.

Then repeat Day One…

You will be surprised at how far you’ve come. It is simple dental practice advice but a step in the right direction to get you motivated to elevate you and your practice to a higher level.

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