Dental Practice Marketing Graduate advantages

Dental Practice Marketing Graduates

Graduates from our Dental Practice Marketing do more and better dentistry than the other 95% of dentists and report a much higher case acceptance.

They get the following after graduation:

*License to use Dentistry’s only check-list method for selling professional services backed by Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and Columbia Research. 20% of fee for service dentists make 80% of the fee for service profit.  The fastest path to the 20% is via this university backed system for professional service selling and dental practice marketing

*As by-product of being a graduate, routinely seeing 25% more production from your fee for service marketing or time devoted to fee for service referral generation

*Access to Painless Dental Alliance clinical training materials. If you choose to commit to being a painless dental provider, both clinically and administratively, you receive direct tools to differentiate yourself related to being a painless/pain-free practice.  There are many sedation dentists who still hurt their patients but we teach you how to be truly painless and then give you direct ways to ethically communicate this to the public. If you feel there’s too much competition in sedation dentistry, this is the path to eliminating other sedation dentist competitors and marketing your practice to future patients.

*Almost every graduate of our  addresses their existing dental practice marketing in ways they never knew how to do before. They report higher case acceptance using their new dental marketing skills.

*Many become very serious about niche marketing (with assistance from Volume 3 -The Ultimate Guide to Niche Dental Marketing – as a starting point or via the Academy Elite Program or via custom private consulting).  This means finally putting their best skills to their best and highest use in both marketing and selling. Check it out on Amazon.

*Most opt to continue as ongoing members of our Academy – The Master Dentists Academy which provides more assistance and consulting help including:

*Elite Program Advertisements and Training – Offline templates for all forms of advertising and dental practice. We have members doing $3M a year using just these D.I.Y. tools.

*200+ Consent and Handling Surprises During Treatment Related Patient Documents

*Online dental practice marketing assistance (Niche websites and stealth marketing using direct competitor research analysis to benefit your practice) – not available to non-members.

*Administrative documents that allow you to get full fees for bigger cases even under insurance contracts like Delta, Aetna, etc.

*Phone selling and selling system tracking monitors for dental practice marketing

*Member only McAnally Selling System Treatment Presentation PowerPoints

*$50,000 in consulting via staff training tools and the industry’s leading team bonus system.

*Use of Academy and Alliance logos as 3rd party endorsements and credibility tools.

*The “Free New Patients for Life” Digital Word of Mouth Advertising System – Cuts General Practice NP advertising costs by 50% or more.

*Direct Member Access to the #1 niche dental  practice marketing consultant in the profession (moi). If I don’t know the answer, I know someone who does. It costs less than most gym memberships to keep the #1 guy in the profession on call for advice about your niche service goals. You can check us out right here.

Much of the above is about leveraging your time and other dental practice investments in ways that 95% of the profession will never understand and that keeps the 95% of those with advanced educations locked out of doing the cases they enjoy because of not using our dental practice marketing and case acceptance tools.