For Dental Practice Marketing- Take Advantage of low mail volume

dental practice marketing

Members of the McAnally Selling System use specially created mailers  for dental practice marketing to take advantage of the current low mail volume at the USPS.

’Herd’ mentality has lured many businesses into entering into online-only forms of promotion, which is bad for other businesses but a great deal for you ! It is a reasonable and easy way to reach current and future clients in your area.

My team and I do all the work. You pick the area codes you wish to target, choose the content from our selection of ads and call to action information. We offer our members a special tracking number to evaluate how effective the mailer was and how many phone calls it generated and how many patients called for treatment.

I offer specialized and targeted-message direct mail coming to households in the correct sized format and with the right messages and offers which means your dental services can stand out easier than at any time in the past. This unique dental practice marketing is proven and works !  It increases the calls to your practice and advertises that you are like no other practice around you. The large glossy over sized mailer is attractive and colorful and encourages the patient to pick you over all others in your area.

Our USPS Every Door Direct Service mail is now more cost effective than ever before!! (Available only in the USA). To learn more go to my website and to find out how useful it can be in conjunction with other dental practice marketing materials, check out my #1 best selling book on Amazon.