Dental Practice Marketing-Are you too professional doc?

Dental practice marketing

When marketing for the dental practice one has to be aware that you are communication effectively and clearly with your patients.

Thankfully, most doctors are professional and should remain just that–professional.

But unfortunately, many very good ones and many with amazing clinical skills aren’t seeing the number of patients that they could be NOR do they do the cases they could be doing… because they are too professional. You can read more about this in my #1 top selling book on Amazon.

What do I mean? Without rapport, without being likable, and without being “human” and interesting, it’s hard to be attractive to the marketplace.   By the way, there are very predictable ways to build the best liking factors behavioral science has discovered into one’s selling process to help with dental practice marketing.

In this day and age, you must also have good marketing and it must be going 24/7.  Sadly, many “professionals” are also averse to putting their answers to dental problems in front of the public.

Shy Dentists have skinny kids. My advice?

Embrace who you are but also embrace putting yourself out there too.  Secondly, make sure that as part of selling you embrace the fact that the more people like you the more they will trust and buy from you.  Otherwise, you won’t help has many patients as you and your clinical skills could.

If you’d like to be professional and sell with ethical at the highest professional level our new training program is for you.  It wil help you in marketing yourself correctly and with great success.

While not ideal, you can also delegate selling to the staff as long as you get them trained and back them up.  I’ll rephrase my skinny remark.  More accurately it is shy dentists who won’t step out OR who wont’ delegate stay skinny.