In Dental Practice Advice, do you know why patients dislike Dentists

Here are the top ten reasons in dental practice advice that patients don’t like dentists.

#1 Presence of pain. There’s no excuse of this one these days. If you hurt patients, fix YOUR issues (that includes hygienists).

#2 Modalities. Predictable? Long lasting? Are you informing patients in their language and in writing for handling long term expectations.

#3 Decorations on the wall. Goofy dental posters? Goofy posters of any kind?

#4 Open treatment bays? In this day and age no one wants to SEE or HEAR what other patients are up to.

#5 Treatment recommendations. Understandable? Presented based on what behavioral science says?

#6 Physical appearance. Lousy smiles for doctor and team? There is an ideal look for the dentist and team. Do you fit it?

#7 Name of office. How you present all information and communication about the practice, you, your team, and services. Are you selling features or benefits/solutions?

#8 “Education.” Goes hand in hand with #5. There is no education. It is 100% discussions, proper terminology, and the order of information discussed that makes a difference driving patient decisions and satisfaction.

#9 Follow up with existing patients and prospective patients. 95% of practices do NOTHING in this category. Do nothing, get nothing. Why should a patient or prospective patient think about you unless you are reminding them you exist?

#10 Work habits.

Are you taking this dental practice advice and changing how  you do things for the better to increase case acceptance and help more patients.

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