Dentistry News-An open letter to Washington State Dentists regarding WDS (Delta Dental)

Ethically Selling Dentistry

In dentistry news, Change is in the air…..are  you ready…….Delta Schmelta !!

You are more likely experiencing consternation in dentistry news about the issue in Washington State related to Delta’s recent very sound business decision to stay abundantly profitable by cutting their reimbursements (some would say IV drip) to you—they are making economic decisions just as you must.

As a national consultant constantly watching for dentistry news, with a bird’s eye view across the land, and as one of the rare 1 in 10 Washington practices that “dumped delta” in 2000, I have a very unique perspective on this.  Many practices face similar reimbursement and carrier issues.  You are not alone in problem and in equal access to the countering tools already working very well in even the most competitive and hard hit areas economically. I can offer dental practice advice about how to rise above this situation and have strategies in place to overcome same.

A lot of solutions to the “15%” problem have crossed your desk—I’ve seen them too.  After cleaning the lenses on my Linux based B.S. proof glasses, what’s presented lacks tangible action steps that will make much of a difference.  A few tout an ill-advised “knee jerk” reaction of cutting ALL the cords.  For some, it makes sense to gradually pull out of egregious plans, for others it’s better to stay in a few PPOs and build a second more profitable practice within your practice allowing freedom with time.  Other choices like slashing lab costs by finding a (hopefully) E. coli free source in Katmandu or embarking on “re-branding/mission statementing/logo creating/rah-rahing the team” endeavors is a shuffling of the deck chairs on the Hindenburg.

Ultimately, here’s the reality in regards to my findings in dentistry news:  Either youA) promote and position your blend of services differently amongst prospective patients who care about and will buy treatment beyond maximums/coverage limits, B) ethically present (sell) to patients and prospects differently, using what the behavioral scientists have discovered and that only a tiny fraternity in the profession even know exists, or, for the ambitious, C) do A and B simultaneously. 

Finally, doing nothing (the choice for most) is akin to the frog in the water on the stove with temps starting out refreshingly pleasant but gradually elevating to the point where the outcome is “cuisse des grenouilles” (that’s frog legs for the 99% who don’t speak French).  Understand that there is a point of no return with the economics at work against your and your practice. I will continue to monitor changes to our dental profession in dentistry news and alert my members as necessary.

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Watching your back,