Dentistry News and Harvard Business Review ….

Dentistry news

In dentistry news it is important to keep an eye on reviews from experts in the business field.

During the midst of the last recession Harvard Business Review published a review of the most important consumer trends being slowed and accelerated courtesy of the recession. A number of the accelerated trends have only sped up and become even more prominent since their report.  Ignoring this  data is bad for the business of your practice. Most dentists don’t consider that the data should be considered dentistry news.

It’s doubtful that any of this information was published in any dentist oriented publication.  Nor did it cross the radar screen of any management “expert” blah blah blah-ing from a podium. Dentistry is invariably asleep at the wheel when it comes to most things related to consumer behavior, decision making science, or buying patterns.

One of the most important trends discussed was a demand for simplicity becoming very important for consumers in every product and service category. Dentists who use simplicity in interactions and messaging do more cases as a consequence. To be honest by simplifying your behavior and your teams in patient interactions will require systems and reminders.  It can’t and won’t happen by simply agreeing it’s a good idea and then hoping it happens.

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