Dentistry News- Buffett Says to Dentistry Get Off Your..

Warren buffett

Breaking Dentistry News……..Warren Buffett says that Dentists should get off their……


Yesterday during my treadmill warm up at the gym (I’m there M-F by 3 pm), I caught Warren Buffett’s interview at the National Automobile Dealers Show. The NADA is sort of like the ADA except they actually demand that their members market and sell and they work hard to give them tools to do just that.

Warren Buffett Tells Dentists Time to Get Off Their Keesters…..breaking dentistry news !!!

Anyway…to be accurate Warren didn’t call out specific professions but HE DID come out swinging verbally telling one and all that the U.S. economy is back and that customers throughout the economy are buying again. If they ain’t buying your stuff they are most certainly buying other stuff at the same price or more! So our advice is to get active and start marketing and bringing in more cases. If you would like more help and ideas on how to get going, try our website and see if it could help you as it has helped all of our members profit over the 95% other dentists who are not marketing or know how to correctly do so.

I’ve been reporting that in dentistry we’ve seen the surge happening now for 18 months down at the practice level. (Big implant practices using custom consulting packages continue to clean-up in their markets.)

Barring a Russian or Chinese invasion or nuclear strike, it’s realistic to believe we’ll have a good five year run ahead.

Warren touched on the importance of sales now that fear has subsided in the economy. How are you handling that? Going to leave it up to chance and hope for the best? Bury your head in the sand and pretend those things don’t matter to “professionals?”

It’s nice to have Warren backing up what I’ve already been saying for eons. Selling matters a lot in bad times and in many ways even more in good times because in good times there’s even more competition for attention and what money gets spent on. If you want to get a glimpse of what you could be doing to improve your marketing and case acceptance numbers you could also check out my number #1 best selling book on Amazon.

So, instead of gimping along for the next 6 months, why not get your sales process fixed FOR REAL? If you’re really ambitious, perhaps even get going on D.I.Y. marketing improvements courtesy of our Elite Program OR via a 100% custom consulting package (by application only).

The Oracle of Omaha has spoken and his implicit message is to start here.