Dentistry News: Anything New?

Dentistry news

Two items crossing my desk this morning of note in dentistry news.

Item #1.  August 15th’s ADA News.  Am I in a time warp or what?  While you won’t have any of the pertinent news in this publication that actually effects practices what you will find is the following:

“Barriers statement” discussing those who don’t have dental care.  Same discussion as the one I observed BEFORE I was in dental school in the 80’s and that has continued to this day.  Not new no dentistry news !!

“University reaches out to Native Americans.”  Shortage of Native Americans as dentists.  70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, and 10’s.  Nothings changed and it’s not “NEW”s. Again no dentistry news.

“New dentist optimism.”  Aren’t most new dentists optimistic especially until they realize what they don’t know?   Has that changed and is it new dentistry news?  Nope.

“Antibiotic prophy ineffective against endocarditis.”  That data has been around since the 80’s and 90’s.  Again…..not much new under the sun here to call dentistry news.

Item #2:  Real dentistry news of import to all in private practice.  WSJ in-depth report on how P&G is dealing with the “Hourglass” economic changes underway in the US middle classes.  Every dentist could benefit from buying the journal today to read this story.  Take-home message.  If you aren’t planning to sell differently, your woes shall only get worse as this same trend that P&G is dealing with goes right down to the level of your local practice.  Income inequality in the U.S. now on par with Mexico and Philippines.  Sobering…..thought………Are you going to deploy a marketing and selling system to overcome that scary dentistry news ??

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