Who else is disappointed in their dental practice marketing results?

dental practice marketing

A common refrain, “I wish my dental practice marketing performed better.”

Yes, there’s a lot of bad dental marketing that goes on.  That is often the issue. Then at other times, it’s pretty good marketing but it is that they failed to prioritize and exhausted their resources (time and money) on the wrong activities.  [My brand new book Volume 3 in the Dentist’s Unfair Advantage series – ‘The Ultimate Guide to Niche Dental Marketing’ lays out how to make sure your priorities are correct to avoid that issue.] Lastly, there can be great dental practice marketing with tons of phone calls and yet there’s a lot of missing ingredients on what happens from that point onward.

Here’s a big secret about what’s behind a lot of practice marketing “return” complaints that few dentists know. Dental practice marketing without a sales process attached (both on the phone and in office once the patient is front and center) is like deciding to drive your car without two of its wheels. It sort of works but it’s far easier, more comfortable, and a heck of a lot more enjoyable for everyone to roll with four tires. In a fair number of cases, dental practice marketing results are being held back by this very thing.

If you spend 25 minutes with our educational video, I guarantee you that the knowledge you get will put you on a different playing field than most other dentists regarding this entire issue. The dentists who get this “marketing without selling is like a car with only 2 wheels”- either develop their own or buy a proven sales method, system or process.

Do you produce more than $1M/year? If so and if you like what you see in video but don’t want to take 6 months to get your four tires rolling full speed ahead, I have several spots each year where I take one office and teach them everything discussed in one fell swoop.  The fee is $25,000 and includes one year of private phone training and follow-up. The phone training alone pays for more than the consulting fee!