Ethical Selling Dentistry and what dental insurance companies don’t want you to know

ethical selling dentistry

When discussing ethical selling dentistry what’s the #1 complaint among dentists who are “trapped” in dental insurance?

It’s getting a full fee appropriate to their care skill and judgment.  Most dentists fully entrenched in the insurance model are getting hammered on their fees and have psychologically waived the white flag on fees forever.  They get whatever the insurance company will give them and they are demoralized.  Those with more skills, capable of doing advanced procedures, are often the most demoralized. That is where the ethical selling dentistry system I have developed can lend a hand.

If you are tired of your white flag, here is some good news!

The irony is that whether you “take” insurance or not really doesn’t matter that much with big cases.  You can remove a lot of the concerns that patients have about their insurance via a structured sales process and ethical selling dentistry system. Furthermore, you can actually get whatever fee you want with your complex cases even from a Delta, PPO, or HMO patient.  Yes, you read that correctly. While many patients with insurance are only going to go with whatever is covered, there is a subset of patients sitting in every practice who will be more than happy to pay full fees for better services.

Doctors tired of the insurance game enroll themselves and their teams in The McAnally Selling System training to learn how to sell differently and to get more return on all marketing without spending another dollar on additional marketing.  Those are reasons enough to move to “check-list” selling but of course based on the headline today there is even more.

As part of having a real sales process, you can also get your full fee no matter what carrier or plan you are contracted with.  Yes, again, regardless of PPO, Delta, HMO contracts, whatever.  There are very legal and ethical ways to move these patients to a complete treatment plan at full fee that no association (and certainly no insurance carrier) is ever going to discuss with you- but I will.

Is it as simple as throwing a lever and magic happens?  Of course not.  In fact, it requires a doctor who is willing to lead, to have genuine, confident, and articulate conversations with patients, to do and recommend the right thing for his/her patients, and lastly to use our system for ethical selling.  If you can do those things, then you can have your full fee for a subset of your patients and give better services.

This concept also only applies to cases that are quadrant size and larger because it has to be worth you and your staff’s time for having this specific conversations and action steps.  It takes more time and energy thus the case needs to be worth it.

As part of our newly updated course, we’re teaching practices how you can get your full fees for these cases even if you are 100% DMO, 100% PPO, 100% delta, whatever.

Also, for those who aren’t fully entrenched in the insurance discount game, we’ll also discuss very easy ways to remove the insurance benefit concern from your big cases and have your patient love you more and to have even more confidence in you as their treating dentist.

While we’re giving away big secrets today, here’s another one that I don’t often mention when it comes to ethical and effective sales in a dental practice.

As long as you as the doctor are fully supportive and back up your team 100% on every aspect of their training in The McAnally Selling System, you can even FIRE yourself from the sales process and even from presenting fees and only be a part of the clinical examination.

Yes, in no way is this my preference because there are very legitimate reasons to have the doctor play a big role in the sales process.  However, after many years involved in practices and observing dentists behavior, there are also plenty of times where the staff has bigger “you know what’s” than the doctor and in those environments, the team really can be the unsung heroes of sales and assume the leadership on the entire process. That means these practices can still help significantly more patients via this ethical selling sales process if the doctor gets out of his/her own way. To learn how to stand out above your competitors check out my #1 best selling book on Amazon.