Ethical Selling Dentistry-Dental Fees and Pricing

Ethical Selling Dentistry

When it comes to my ethical selling dentistry program, I get asked about fees a lot.

If you want to get into the coding side of things and UCR there are plenty of people who can analyze your fees based on zip code (one of the smart things I ever did was get Dr. Charles Blair to do a profitability analysis early on in practice as that changed my understanding immensely).

Here are the big picture keys to fees in ethical selling dentistry and how one must look at them.

The higher the fee, the fewer referrals you’ll get and the more bucks will spend on marketing. Anyone pursuing more costly elective cases will attest to these facts of life. The higher fee you believe you deserve, the more goes into creating the reasons why someone will want to write the check.

You’ll have to find the sweet spot that keeps referrals happening including incentives to prime referrals OR pony up to get your cases by using an ethical selling dentistry.

Patients judge the value of the fee based on a lot of things including the system you introduce them to the practice and the system by which you sell with.

Most use NO system so…NO surprise those with no system always have fee problems.

If selling and treatment delivery systems don’t give the patient a SUBJECTIVE sense they have gotten their money’s worth, even if Mr. Insurance is paying for a lot of the tab, it’s the equivalent of sour
lemons for the entire profession.

Perception is important. In ethical selling dentistry it is as important as diplomas and CE certificates.

Hassle free and pain free invariably result in major satisfaction both with care and fees.

If patients THINK they are being over-treated or hard-sold (even if they are not), they leave, don’t come back, don’t refer, and very likely share it with others. My proven selling system for ethical selling dentistry removes these factors.

Having the lowest fee in town also is not the key to major growth. K-mart and Sears are great examples for you to learn from.

Ready to devote some time to getting your game together so that you can have a fee structure you want?

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