Ethical Selling Dentistry Checklist Sales Training Goes Live

Ethical selling dentistry

Version 4.0 of the world’s #1 ethical check list sales training for niche and fee for service dental services is being significantly updated and taught live.

The McAnally Selling System™ and proven “check-list” protocol for ethical selling will be taught via live webcast over 6 sessions with each session spaced approximately one month apart.  “Homework” is assigned after each live session.  Additional live Q&A sessions for reviewing course materials occur between the live webcasts.  An OPTIONAL “face to face” meeting for final review as well as to review practice marketing will be held in Miami in month 7.

Here’s what this kind of training does for a practice:

*    For regular procedures being done in regular everyday practices (It matters not whether a GP or specialist or even the state of insurance in the practice), this System often means a 10-15% improvement in profit on existing patient flow and on existing marketing multiplied by remaining years in practice.
*    For GPs and Specialists focusing on complex niche cases who have been successful by most standards at “selling”-it means more patients selecting one option better than what you have previously experienced.  Example:  If you’ve been stuck at $20K cases with patients always turning down the $35K option, you will find more patients selecting one option better.  For these practices, this System means a 25-50% increase in your average big case size.
*    For GPs and Specialists focusing on complex niche cases who have had lackluster results at “selling” (unfortunately most dentists with advanced training), it feels like discovering the biggest “secret” in dentistry.  You’ll finally get to experience having patients who need your best services choosing better and even the best option.  They will be happy to pay you for your help and at fees that compensate you for your care, skill, and judgment and will be thankful for the help received.  This System means a 100-500% increase in average case size for those with advanced education who are “newbies” to selling.

In the past 9 years, as a coach and mentor for many practices, I’ve observed something wonderfully strange.  When selling is seriously addressed via this System, doctors not only have financial benefits but many go on to reclaim control of something else–their time. They also report being happier professionally and personally.  Very unintended consequences from the original goals of this training, yet, for some, these outcomes may be the biggest benefit.

In Ethical Selling Dentistry-Who is the Version 4.0 Live Training for?

*    Dentists who care about patients making the best decisions possible
*    Generalists with above average clinical skills
*    Any Specialists (orthodontists, prosthodontists, pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, oral medicine, and periodontists) who feel they aren’t maximizing their potential with complex cases
*    Generalists or specialists with private university based practices who still have control over their internal systems
*    For specialists who want better control over large cases being referred and who want to bring even more value to the specialist-generalist relationship via their ability to sell cases.  [Specialists are advised to encourage your top 3-5 referring practices committed to the training with you since in the team environment there are steps occurring in each practice that can help or hinder your success at helping more patients] *    All those who have attended previous versions of the Program who want to benefit from the new science and updated  checklist
*    Solo and Group Practices that have some focus on elective, bigger cases
*    Multi-Disciplinary Practices with GP and Specialists under one roof
*    ESPECIALLY those with advanced education who are passionate about a particular niche service
*    Those treating big cases now but would like to pursue even larger ones
*    Those ready clinically to start adding bigger cases to their practices
*    Those who seek higher returns on their marketing dollars
*    Those who would like to see their overhead drop 3-5% on the same marketing expense while seeing overall profit increase from 10-15% while working the same or fewer hours
*    Those who’ve spent years building their “A” team and realize their players can only function to the level of tools provided
*    Timid dentists who want to effectively use their teams’ strengths to make up for this weakness. (Be a realist- Focus on maximizing strengths as this is the best use of your limited time)
*    Any practice that promotes services (internally or externally)beyond insurance maximums
*    Those who need monthly accountability for completing training Programs
*    Clinicians needing to develop a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or dedicated to strengthening an existing one
*    Practices focusing on niche services (full fee general dentistry, fast orthodontic services, all-on-4/immediate loading of implants, cosmetic dentures,
minimally invasive perio, TMJ/Apnea, Cerec/Same Day Crowns/1 Day Smiles)
*    Those who have or want a “practice within a practice” which is free from insurance discounting
*    Those who want to be equipped to effectively sell services for the rest of their practice careers regardless of future clinical technique and material changes

The full tuition for this Program is $9,997.  To learn more about ethical selling dentistry,  you can pick up my #1 best selling book on Amazon.