Building a Dental Team – What Google Says

Building a dental team

Our member dentists successfully use Google to build their practices on many levels including building their dental team.

Many are amassing large stockpiles of Google reviews using this technology that makes getting hundreds of reviews annually as easy as seating a patient in an operatory.

Dentists who are trusted the most tend to have the most reviews.  Why?  Because reviews are one of the measurement of trust by many consumers when they do their “homework” on services and products they are considering purchasing.

Others are making sure their websites focusing on niche services are “Google optimized” so that the site is likely to show up in relevant searches in their locations.  If you’ve purchased a cookie-cutter template from any of the big companies service dentistry you are at a disadvantage now since Google’s algorithm hates those sites.  A topic for another day!

And lastly, some are doing all of the above PLUS buying advertising via PPC search based ads for niches like AO4.  PPC ads is how Google makes most of its profit.

A commonality among our members is they all either have great dental teams or are in the process of always building a better team since they realize the importance of a great dental team with their success at helping more patients.

Now beyond reviews, search, and ads, Google does a lot of stuff.  In fact, it is a very a busy company and devotes significant money to all kinds of projects unrelated to its advertising revenue stream.

Recently, Google released a review of what is required to create great teams which has direct implications to every team in the world AND of course that includes dental teams in every dental practice.

While this sounds altruistic, at the heart of the matter was Google’ desire to figure out how to consistently generate great teams for itself so it can maintain its dominance.

Fortunately, they were willing to share their findings with the world which is fantastic since no university or professional association (like the ADA) could ever afford to do this kind of comprehensive study.  So thanks to Google, dental teams everywhere could be improved.

Ultimately, Google took ten years of their own workplace data plus a review of 50 years of published research and they found three BIG discoveries related to what is consistent among great teams and that you have to have in order to build a great team that not only gets along but that functions at a high level.

Discovery One:  The composition of teams (e.g. mix of personality types or skills or backgrounds) does NOT matter.  This one finding throws out a myriad of tests like DISC, Myers-Briggs, etc.

Discovery Two:  Psychological Safety underlies all great teams.  The ONLY fundamental component that consistently made any team successful was the presence of this.

 Discovery Three:  Group norms (the traditions, behavioral standards, and unwritten rules that govern how we function when we gather as a teams) mattered a lot.  Influencing “group norms” was both possible and a fundamental necessity for creating a successful teams.

 Obviously, there’s more that goes well beyond these three items you are seeing today.

Our members received a detailed synopsis of what they need to know about all of Google’s findings so they can apply it to their practice teams as they exist now AND how they will hire better as changes happen in their practices.  Wouldn’t you like to have that?  Well, you can….

If you are a highly trained clinician focusing on Big Cases OR a bread & butter clinician who realizes marketing your practice one that is more trust-worthy than other practices is the key to modern practice success, then you belong with us AND you’ll of course get the Google Report. To discuss your practice and what you want more of from it so we can help you get there, go here.