How many All-on-4 Phone Calls – What’s Reasonable: All-on-4 training

Dental practice marketing

I’m often asked “how many phone calls can I expect if we’re doing the right kind of marketing and spending the right amount of money each month for my all-on-4 cases after my all-on-4 training?”

One thing to understand about “deep disability” marketing (which is what All-on-4/6/8 etc. is all about) is that when you provide a solution that answers deep dental disabilities, you will get a wide range of phone calls involving almost every clinical discipline. It’s not just implants but it’s perio, general restorative, fixed prosthetics on natural teeth, ortho, tmd, apnea, etc. Deep disability marketing is discussed at length here.

One way to answer the “how many calls” question is to ask how many calls do you now receive from your All-on-4 advertising (or referral) efforts for potential All-on-4 cases. If you’ve been advertising for these cases for at least 2-4 months and you are NOT getting at least 70 inbound phone calls for major dentistry and All-on-4 cases each month something is amiss. Either it’s the wrong ads, wrong ad medium, or inadequate budget.

In every local market, there’s a certain minimum budget for All-on-4 cases that if you can’t meet that target as part of a realistic discussion about your situation, I’m going to be the first to tell you to wait until you can. As of this month, that minimum ranges from a low of 1800 to a high of 5000 per month to generate enough calls so this is worth your time and energy.

For a market where the minimum budget is being met and we are running ads 4 days per week, it’s reasonable to expect roughly 70 phone calls in a month and 2-3 full arches of implants or All-on-4 cases.

The wider the range of services you can provide or choose to provide or are willing to provide the more returns.   We coach our generalists and specialists on how to deal with the “spill-over” dentistry resulting from this type of deep disability marketing.

 Obviously, if your professional goal is to be the #1 or #2 practice for All-on-4 in your market or region, you will gradually arrive at a monthly budget several multiples of the minimum local entry budget to make that happen.  

As it’s up to your team to convert as many of those 70 calls into live consults as possible, we provide each All-on-4 Program practice advanced phone skills training and tangible, physical tools to convert calls into consults. [As an aside, some of or docs have been through the basic phone programs at the scheduling institute which provide a good basic skills foundation. However, since these cases are far different than regular “bread and butter” dentistry and regular new patient phone calls, we provide advanced tools that only those with a direct, first-hand working knowledge from inside the profession can have a grasp of.]

Each practice is also fast –tracked through the #1 REAL sales training program for niche dentistry so you are also ethically equipped to sell cases and not to do so just by being the deepest discounter. A big part of this training is not only in simply selling the cases but in showing you how to set yourself apart from others marketing for this procedure as well. To learn more about niche dentistry, check my #1 top selling book on Amazon here.

If you’re ready to have a serious All-on-4 discussion, you can find a private time to talk here.