In dental practice marketing a great presentation is key….

dental practice marketing

In dental practice marketing my McAnally Selling Rule #10 is:

Give a great presentation before you give a presentation.  As part of any check-list system for selling in dental practice marketing, it’s up to you or a well-trained team member to guide the patient through leadership based discussions about what you are seeing in their situation as compared to others in similar situations.  “When I see patients like you…….”

Feel like you (or your front desk, office manager, hygienist, assistant, treatment planner, financial coordinator, etc.) don’t know what to say at the right time to patients going through diagnosis, treatment planning, and presentation? Most dentists do not know how to present correctly and remove the pitfalls that lie ahead of them that prevent excellent case acceptance.  95% of the profession is in the same boat.  Why not extricate yourself and your team so you are part of the 5% putting their best clinical skills to use helping the most patients. You could start by checking out my new #1 best selling book on Amazon.

The new McAnally Selling System (dentistry’s only step by step check-list approach to selling grounded in Harvard, Yale, and Stanford research), is for  you if you truly want to take your dental practice marketing to the next level.